The medical field is rapidly transforming in response to the pandemic and technology. Healthcare organizations must create agile healthcare sales and marketing solutions to adapt.

Are you ready to enhance your healthcare marketing and sales techniques? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn five essential methods for executing successful healthcare marketing for your medical practice.

5 ways to power your healthcare sales and marketing

Healthcare brands require customized marketing and sales strategies to meet their business goals while helping consumers. The following five approaches to sale marketing will bring you high-qualified leads and drive up your healthcare sales.


Target your healthcare audience

Targeted healthcare marketing directs promotional efforts at a specific medical market segment and leverages the power of the internet to attract patients who can benefit most from your care.

Your healthcare practice’s expertise, personnel, location, and services give it a brand voice that aligns with a unique market segment. You can get to know your target audience by analyzing marketing data from your website, social media accounts, and email campaigns.


Map out the patient journey

Patient journey mapping is one of the top healthcare marketing tips for improving medical marketing. Before beginning the conceptualization of your campaign, patient journey maps help you consider every step your prospects take toward conversion.

When and how do patients start looking for solutions to their pain? What kind of answers do they find on which channels? How do they feel about the materials they interact with on those channels?

Answering these questions will help you create healthcare marketing that helps people and increases sales.


Create patient-centric solutions

Once you clearly understand the patient journey, you can create marketing solutions that make it better. Patients expect personalization and choose providers who create a patient-centered experience beginning with their marketing efforts.

Among other convenience-driven capabilities, websites that attract patients are mobile-friendly, allow online scheduling, and contain educational content like medical blogs and videos that are easy for worried patients to understand.


Automate and digitize organizational processes

The best healthcare marketing solves consumer pains by enhancing processes. And here’s one of the most exciting impacts of overhauling outdated systems: you give time and energy back to the hardworking professionals on your team.

Consider these examples of benefits of healthcare marketing automation:

  • Making digital medical records available to patients gives them autonomy and your staff flexibility.
  • Integrating online scheduling rewards your front desk staff with more time to discuss complex patient issues.
  • Creating automatic follow-up emails invites meaningful patient engagement without requiring someone on your team to facilitate it.

Use digital healthcare marketing to improve your business processes, and you’ll attract new patients (and keep existing ones satisfied).


Follow healthcare sales and marketing trends

The healthcare industry is vast, which means it can be slow-moving. Patients expect healthcare providers to make virtual solutions available and accessible more than ever. Avoid awkward or outdated patient interactions by tuning into current digital marketing trends.

Your health brand’s marketers can stay on top of medical marketing trends by following healthcare industry leaders and studying data analytics. Analyzing actual outcomes is essential for developing a customized healthcare marketing plan that works.

Let data analytics drive healthcare sales and marketing

Neglecting to track your healthcare sales and marketing data can result in beautiful assets that don’t deliver results.

For example, if your target market wants to learn about lower back pain, the $2000 tennis elbow video campaign you’re promoting won’t capture leads.

Use the following metrics to navigate your healthcare sales and marketing strategy:

  • Average time spent on pages
  • Pageviews
  • Demographics
  • On-site search trends
  • Conversions
  • Top-performing landing pages
  • Bounce rates
  • Inbound traffic sources

Data-inspired healthcare sales and marketing use communications tools that respond to your customers’ urgent demands and anticipate market trends.

SMART goals

Infographic: SMART goals as part of a healthcare marketing plan

Use the SMART framework to set achievable healthcare sales and marketing goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based

The most successful medical businesses build healthcare marketing plans on benchmarks captured by the SMART system.

What to look for in a healthcare marketing agency

The healthcare industry is changing. The best healthcare sales and marketing agencies can help you adapt because they practice these principles well:

  • Prioritize patient needs with frictionless web UX and versatile digital solutions
  • Offer customized, start-to-finish healthcare sales and marketing strategies
  • Devote time to ongoing education in healthcare and marketing

Ask prospective healthcare marketers to show you a portfolio demonstrating their experience delivering results to medical brands. You can also ask them about any healthcare marketing awards or certifications they’ve received for their work.

FAQs about healthcare sales and marketing

Get more insight into healthcare sales and marketing by exploring common questions below.

What are healthcare sales?

Healthcare sales and marketing target medical audiences like physicians, healthcare facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and patients.

Healthcare products and service lines include drug and physical therapies, technology, and equipment meant to deliver healthcare or support healthcare businesses.

How do I get a job in healthcare marketing?

Aspiring healthcare marketers can find a place in the healthcare industry by adapting their digital marketing skills to healthcare professionals and their patients’ unique needs.

Attending webinars, following professional healthcare marketers on social media, and working toward marketing certifications are ways to prepare for a job in healthcare marketing.

How can hospitals increase sales?

Hospitals that want to increase their sales need healthcare marketing that adopts today’s industry-shaping trends: telemedicine, digital communication, medical SEO, and patient-centered content.

Patients choose hospitals that deliver effective care and a personalized customer journey.

How can businesses in the healthcare industry increase sales?

Businesses in the healthcare industry can increase sales by creating patient-centered solutions and promoting them in the channels where their target audiences spend the most time.

SEO-enriched content, paid search, and social media marketing are some of the most effective ways to generate inbound leads.

Take your healthcare sales and marketing higher

Healthcare marketing is an investment, but the results are worth it. Take a look at the outcomes our healthcare clients have enjoyed after launching digital marketing strategies:

  • 1,190% increase in patient requests within three months
  • 146 new patients within the first month
  • A landing page conversion rate 24% higher than the industry standard

Implement the best practices we’ve outlined here, and watch the power of digital marketing win your healthcare brand a positive ROI.

Partner with healthcare marketing experts

Our award-winning agency understands healthcare sales and marketing and delivers results. We’ll create a customized digital marketing strategy to boost your sales, streamline your processes, and elevate your reputation.

We’ve got you covered if you’re ready to scale your business. Spend time developing your medical services, and leave the healthcare sales and marketing to us.