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Finding an InVision alternative: Top tools for website prototyping and design feedback

invision alternatives

InVision, a platform that offers design management and prototyping tools, has announced that it’s shutting down its design collaboration services at the end of 2024. In addition to that function, many web designers also use InVision as a design presentation tool for streamlined collaboration and gathering feedback from stakeholders.

With the tool’s sunsetting date quickly approaching, now is the time to find a replacement if you use InVision.

To help with your search for a new solution, we’ve curated a list of ten InVision alternatives that can help fill the void. These tools we recommend offer a range of features for website prototyping and design presentation.

But first, for those who are new to website prototyping, let’s take a look at why prototypes are beneficial to the design review process and what to consider when choosing a prototyping tool.

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Accessible UX design: avoid accessibility woes by choosing the right design patterns

accessible UX design

Design patterns play a key role in user experience (UX) design. Website layouts that use consistent, standard elements from page to page help users find the information they need more quickly, which helps increase engagement and overall satisfaction.

However, when it comes to accessible UX design you can’t always rely on popular design patterns, as many of them pose accessibility challenges. When determining which components and patterns to use on your website, don’t reuse something just because it’s common across the websites you visit—consider if it truly meets the needs of all users.

To help you get started in evaluating accessibility in UX design, let’s take a look at some common design patterns to be cautious of when designing an accessible website.

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What should you be doing to improve your website in 2023?

woman using a smartphone

Websites are an important part of your brand. They are available 24/7. They serve as a salesperson for your company all day long, every single day. A website is often the first presentation to prospective buyers, and it may also be the last touchpoint to close a sale. The world of web design is continually changing and growing. Here is a question to think about: What should you be doing to improve your website in 2023? 

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How do you find the best web designer for your massive redesign project?

illustration of the computer monitor and tools used by the best web designer when working on a website redesign project

Has your website stopped generating results? Does it break when you try to view pages on a smartphone? Is your content off-brand? Does it look dated? Are you struggling to stand out in a competitive market? No matter the reasons for your redesign, you need to work with the best web designer and development team to ensure your project’s success—especially if you have a complex site.

But, how do you find an experienced partner for such a big task when there are so many web design agencies to choose from? After all, like any other considerable business expense, a website redesign is something that you’ll want to get right.

Website redesigns are complex, but finding a great partner doesn’t have to be. After nearly 20 years of building hundreds of enterprise websites for companies across the U.S., TBH Creative’s team has seen it all.

In this blog post, our experts reveal what steps you need to take before scoping your redesign project with potential vendors. Plus, we share tips for budgeting costs, narrowing down your list of web design companies, and evaluating your options to feel confident that you’ve chosen the best web designer for your site.

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