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Our top 5 most powerful recommendations to track marketing ROI

illustration of computer being used to track marketing ROI

It’s impossible to accurately track marketing ROI without capturing results and doing analytic reporting. When you start running a campaign that appeals to your target audience, you might hear anecdotes from your sales team that this or that promotion was successful. But, how do you really know your marketing is working if you aren’t measuring […]

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Top healthcare website KPIs every marketer should be tracking

With the growth of analytics, marketing departments have access to an ever-increasing number of report types. Focusing on the right healthcare website analytics to inform decisions is challenging. By identifying the right key performance indicators (KPIs), you can determine your website’s effectiveness and make better decisions based on your patients’ needs. Keep reading to discover […]

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2 free analytics tools you need in your digital marketing strategy

Both website analytics and marketing analytics are an integral part of your company’s digital strategy success. That’s probably not news to you. But, what might be news is that there are a wealth of free, online analytics tools available to you right now. Many people forgo a regular analytics-review routine simply because they don’t know […]

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Sharing marketing data? Ditch the spreadsheet

How to make data reports visually engaging to convey important data metrics to stakeholders Data is everywhere. Cars measure the time before you need an oil change and the fuel efficiency of your recent travels. Watches count daily steps and the number of hours you slept last night. Banks, restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores […]

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