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Website images and branding: 9 ways to create a visually unforgettable user experience—with stock

Illustration of a laptop showing tools to customize artwork to align website images and branding

When redesigning a website, you need to accept that everything can’t look exactly how you want. And, that’s absolutely okay! Knowing when to splurge on custom art that matches your website images and branding needs is the key to staying on budget and meeting your deadlines.

I’ve been responsible for helping find, create, and manage art for almost 100 different websites. Commissioning or creating original imagery for every element of every page of those redesign projects was not only impossible but also unwise.

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The endorser brand: What it is, how to develop it, and why it matters

The endorser brand model is identified by several key characteristics. First and foremost, the parent company’s name is well-known and guarantees quality. That said, each product carries its own name coupled with a single positioning.

To make a finer point, each new product is a new brand with a unique stand-alone look and identity yet works in concert with the other brands. Most importantly, each brand has an inextricable tie back to the parent company name that, unlike the house of brands model, is largely front and center in the consumer’s mind.

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The house of brands: What it is, how to develop it, and why it matters

Unlike the branded house model (where all sub-brands are intrinsically connected to the parent or core brand’s positioning), the house of brands model is characterized by a core brand that is largely hidden in terms of consumer-facing. Another key characteristic of the house of brands model is that each product aligns with a single positioning—each new product being, therefore, a new stand-alone brand.

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The branded house: What it is, how to develop it, and why it matters

Welcome to the second post in our series on brand architecture models. This article will explore the first of several foundational models: the branded house (or core brand).

Get answers to what it is and why it matters. Future articles will delve into everything you need to know about other models:

House of brand

Endorser brand

Source and hybrid brands

Did you miss our introduction to this series? Check it out by visiting “Brand Architecture Models: An Introduction, Thoughts, and Perspectives.”

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