Our full-service marketing agency has over 15 years of experience launching healthcare marketing websites for industry leaders, including hospitals and specialized clinics. We’ve been on top of trends in both healthcare and digital marketing, and our results have received 12 Aster Awards in four years:

  • Gold in website design, telemedicine microsite, physician search, and service line promotion; and silver in recruitment campaign (2021)
  • Gold in digital annual report and silver in service line promotion (2020)
  • Gold in digital marketing and silver in website design (2019)
  • Gold in blog design (2018)

Keep reading to get insight from our passionate team of marketing strategists and digital experts. We’ll show you what it takes to build healthcare marketing websites that drive patient appointments and improve your business processes.

A healthcare marketing agency that wins patients, grows revenues, and enhances your reputation

Our digital marketing expertise shines when we can take a comprehensive approach. We understand that digital marketing tactics are potent tools, but their true potential is unlocked when they’re intentionally woven together to create an omnichannel strategy.

For example, we engaged our branding, website redesign, social media management, and web development services to increase a pediatric dentistry’s website page views by 256%. When we launched a complex website redesign, we brought OrthoIndy 675 new contacts, 80% more appointment requests, and 311 new patients.

Successful marketing based on data and a positive return on investment

When clients approach us with business goals, we listen. Then we dive into the research, so the healthcare marketing websites we develop are answers to real patient pain points. We’ll audit your current website and uncover the story hidden in the analytics. Once we clearly understand your business and market, we unleash our creativity and digital proficiency to plan a successful redesign project.

Healthcare marketing websites that deliver a positive marketing ROI are built on data. We understand that creating a healthcare marketing plan on gut feelings alone can waste money and time. That’s why we do our homework – so that our clients’ websites work for them.

Strategy-first marketing

Healthcare marketing websites that win patients are more than attractive repositories of information. They’re the heart of your marketing strategy (and the point of your search and social marketing) and need to be designed accordingly.

You can have all the features of a modern website, but unclear navigation will impede their utility. You can have an excellent design and straightforward navigation, but a lack of tools and resources will send patients and prospects to better-equipped healthcare marketing websites.

Bring your brand to life

Your healthcare practice has specific services, unique personnel, and a strategic location. Working with a highly-rated healthcare marketer can help you use your strengths to define and leverage your brand to reach the right audience.

Our healthcare marketing agency will study your brand, target audience, and competition to form the right strategy for your business goals. We do our due diligence in the planning phase, so there aren’t surprises after launch, and your business is prepared to adapt to future market shifts.

The world of healthcare has changed. Have your marketing efforts evolved?

The top trends in medical marketing include rising patient demand for personalization, telemedicine, and content. Healthcare marketing websites have the power to deliver these solutions, but it takes strategic intentionality and the right partnerships to do it.

What is your practice struggling with?

Whether you’re satisfied with your marketing strategy or want to experience the results you’ve seen from other healthcare marketing websites, it’s always a good idea to self-reflect. Answer the following questions to quickly assess your healthcare business’ pain points:

  • Have you recently merged with another healthcare brand?
  • Is your competition winning patients in your area?
  • Are you struggling to create cohesive messaging about your health services?
  • Do you lack an internal marketing team?
  • Are you struggling to reach your target audience?
  • Have you developed new products or services?
  • Are you ready to scale but struggling to get new patient appointments?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are primed for growth. That can be exciting and scary (or both), but you don’t have to grow alone. Partner with our healthcare marketing agency to see the power of digital marketing work for your business.

What our healthcare clients say

We’ve delivered exceptional healthcare marketing websites for medical brands of all sizes, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at the following reviews of our healthcare marketing agency to get first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work with us.

We design “fresh, updated” healthcare marketing websites

The Indiana Hand to Shoulder Clinic needed a medical website redesign to reach its target audience, increase patient appointments, and improve the patient journey. We accomplished those goals, delivering the following results:

  • 1,190% more appointment requests
  • 95% more website visitors
  • 66.5% higher contact-to-patient rate

Here’s what the medical practice’s CEO Angie Stevenson had to say about the final product:

“All the feedback has been positive. The look is fresh and updated and showcases our practice so well. I know the amount of work that has gone into this project from TBH Creative and my IHTSC colleagues—and the effort shows in this fabulous medical website redesign.”

We are a marketing agency that gets healthcare and web design

OrthoVirginia engaged TBH Creative’s healthcare web design services to see more leads, offer their visitors better UX, and improve their site’s overall appearance. TBH Creative was the clear choice, according to Winston Chenery, OrthoVirginia’s former marketing director:

“TBH Creative was perfectly positioned at the intersection of beautiful and functional healthcare website design, development skill, and patient-centric, orthopedic-specific marketing success.”

Offering a better digital patient experience

Dermatology, Inc. wanted to improve the patient experience with a comprehensive website redesign. Khristi Autajau, the practice’s administrator, characterized the results we delivered succinctly:

“The results of our new website’s digital patient experience are incredible. In fact, since launching, we’ve seen a 100%+ increase in online appointment scheduling.”

Our clients keep choosing us because we create healthcare marketing websites that keep their patients choosing them. We’re passionate about healthcare marketing design, development, and promotion. Our results reflect our pride and commitment to excellent, effective digital marketing.

FAQs about healthcare marketing websites

What separates good from great healthcare marketing websites? The answer to that question evolves as technology presents more efficient, accessible digital solutions. What worked last month might not work for today’s successful target marketing in healthcare.

Working with a healthcare marketing agency can keep you on top of the trends that keep patients returning. Keep reading to get more details about the value great healthcare marketing websites to offer consumers.

What makes a good healthcare website?

Excellent healthcare marketing websites accomplish the following for patients and healthcare consumers:

  • Allow online scheduling
  • Provide access to medical records
  • Educate about symptoms, conditions, and treatments
  • Introduce the healthcare professionals administering care to patients

In addition to these features, excellent healthcare marketing websites are easy to use, mobile-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

A full-service healthcare marketing agency can deliver medical brand websites with these characteristics.

How can healthcare websites be improved?

Healthcare marketing websites should help patients quickly get answers and care. Incorporating features like online scheduling, patient portals, content optimized for search engines, medical service pages, and physician pages give patients the convenience, autonomy, and information they want.

Developing an easy-to-navigate, attractive design enhances the utility of healthcare marketing websites and offers prospects an exceptional patient journey. From the moment they begin researching their condition to the first time they schedule an appointment with your clinic, well-designed healthcare marketing websites nurture patients and alleviate their pain.

What are some marketing strategies for healthcare?

Some marketing strategies for healthcare include educational, SEO-enriched content creation, paid and organic social media marketing, and automated email marketing. Work with a healthcare marketing agency to get a targeted digital strategy that wins patients and improves revenue.

Remember, the best marketing strategies for healthcare are customized. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reaching patients. By analyzing the data healthcare marketing websites collect, marketers can plan strategies that target the right audience.

Why partner with our healthcare digital marketing agency?

Successful healthcare marketing websites are an investment. If you want to see a positive marketing ROI, you must choose a healthcare marketing agency with a winning record.

You can trust our digital healthcare marketing agency because we have proof:

  • 15+ years of experience marketing for healthcare brands
  • 12 awards for our digital marketing services in 2021 alone
  • Strategies that boost appointments by 306% deliver landing page conversion rates 24% higher than the industry standard and bring in 260% more contacts

We’ve helped healthcare businesses of all sizes achieve their digital marketing goals. Now, it’s your turn to win.

Need an experienced partner for an upcoming project?

Our award-winning healthcare marketing agency is available to bring your brand to life with the following services:

  • Brand development: Leverage promotion, branding, content creation, and storytelling to build patient trust.
  • Web design and development: Get help with design, layout, copy, SEO, UX, blogging, and video content.
  • Digital healthcare marketing: Use email, social media, application development, inbound marketing, and paid search and social to generate leads.
  • Healthcare marketing planning and consultation: Experience the power of analytic reporting, marketing strategy, account-based marketing, persona development, and patient journey mapping.

Whether it’s healthcare web design and development or inbound marketing, our team will take your healthcare marketing strategy to the next level. Connect with us to learn more about how our healthcare marketing websites reach business goals.