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Tatum is the president of TBH Creative and is responsible for building long-term client relationships. She enjoys the strategy behind web design and collaborating with clients to define and execute online marketing goals. She likes to blog about hot topics in web design and digital marketing, as well as share tips for strengthening your online presence.

How to produce a healthcare marketing report to find and engage patients

healthcare marketing report

If you don’t see the results from your current advertising strategy, it’s time to take a look at your healthcare marketing report. The importance of marketing in the healthcare industry is evident, and the best way to do it is to track and analyze your marketing data.

The truth is, there’s no universal approach to medical marketing. The most successful communications strategies are built on highly-defined targets—that’s the power of market reporting. This article explains why you need a healthcare marketing report and how to create one.

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Healthcare guerrilla marketing: Inspired ways to turn leads into patients

Mega phone marketing illustration

If you are searching for a unique, creative, and unconventional way to make your hospital or doctor’s office stand out and be noticed, healthcare guerrilla marketing might be your answer.

We live in a world where healthcare systems compete for patients, technology is engrained in our culture, and marketing efforts are tired and overused. To reach consumers— who know they have a range of healthcare options to choose from—hospitals and doctor’s offices need to try a different approach to healthcare marketing.

Read on to learn why we think healthcare guerrilla marketing is an option to consider.

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Direct-to-consumer marketing in healthcare: Benefits and dynamic examples

woman uses her smartphone, a form of direct to consumer marketing in healthcare , to check her vitals after exercising

Direct-to-consumer marketing in healthcare is a way for medical organizations, doctor-owned practices, pharmaceutical companies, wellness programs, and other care providers to advertise services, treatments, and products straight to patients.

This type of healthcare marketing enables healthcare brands to connect with and build trust directly with their patient audiences.

Read on to learn the benefits of direct-to-consumer marketing, see examples of successful medical advertising campaigns, and get tips for creating a healthcare marketing plan that improves the patient experience for people in your target audience.

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Case study: Grant program web design connects young Hoosiers with support

The homepage desktop view of Indiana Learns’ site, showcasing its grant program web design

The Mind Trust and Department of Education partnered with TBH Creative on a grant program web design project to promote Indiana Learns, a program providing financial support to families of eligible 4th and 5th graders.

When your child falls behind at school, it’s overwhelming—especially if it happens due to a disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic. The Indiana Learns website not only empowers the loved ones of struggling students by helping them get the resources they need but also provides details about the approval process with community and learning partners.

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