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Case study: Association website design that streamlines the delivery of member resources

Most association members wear many hats, which means every interaction they have with the organization needs to be effortless. Providing an online user experience that provides them with the information they need easily leads to happy members. That’s why the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) partnered with TBH Creative on its recent association website design project. 

NPCA is an industry leader. They provide industry leadership by promoting quality precast concrete products across all markets, addressing industry challenges, and developing opportunities for our members’ success. The new site makes it simple for users to find membership details, company resources, and product specifications.

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TBH Creative recognized by UpCity as a 2023 top B2B service provider in Indiana

top B2B service provider

We are delighted to announce that TBH Creative has been recognized as one of the top B2B service providers in Indiana for 2023 by UpCity. This accolade celebrates our commitment to excellence in digital marketing and dedication to client success.

As we celebrate this recognition, our team remains dedicated to our mission: empowering businesses to excel in the digital world.

Our journey with each client is a step towards realizing their unique aspirations, and this award is a motivating factor in our pursuit of digital marketing excellence.

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Web accessibility testing beyond automation: Why you still need an accessibility expert

man struggles to read copy on a site that didn’t go through website accessibility testing

Automated tools play an important role in web accessibility testing. When used properly, they can help expedite the accessibility testing process and streamline accessible web development overall.

However, automated testing tools fall short of fully evaluating all of the criteria set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Many of these accessibility requirements need more thoughtful consideration and context, which makes them impossible to identify by automation alone. In these cases, manual assessment and interpretation are necessary.

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The art of inclusive writing: How to use language that reaches everyone

marketer using inclusive writing while drafting ideas for marketing campaign

How well does your digital marketing content follow best practices for inclusive writing? Does it meet website accessibility standards?

If the answer is no to either or both of those questions (or you’re just not sure), don’t fret. Effective content marketing requires ongoing learning and the willingness to adapt to industry and cultural changes. The fact that you’re reading this blog article shows that inclusion and accessibility are on your mind, and you’re open to making improvements.

Keep reading for some helpful tips, online tools, and trusted resources. These recommendations can help you level up your marketing with more inclusive writing and accessible content experiences.

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Why the cornerstone of any effective campaign is understanding your marketing audience

understanding your marketing audience

Everyone knows that the marketing landscape is ever-changing. What you do to reach customers can be impacted by social shifts, technological advancements, and even economic fluctuations. With so much going on, yesterday’s audience insights might not apply today. So, investing time and resources into understanding your marketing audience is an ongoing non-negotiable, especially if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

When you identify what matters most to your target audience, it’s easier to customize your marketing efforts to unlock untapped potential. And what’s the best way to do that? Persona research.

These insights can prove invaluable when you need to analyze what you’ve been doing and find ways to optimize, too (like when you’re making new goals and setting your budget for the new year).

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