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CAPTCHAs and other strategies for outsmarting bots

i am not a robot selection
“For the last time, I am not a robot!”

You’re browsing your Facebook news feed, and—oh look—the Counting Crows are coming to town, and tickets are on sale now! You think to yourself, Facebook must really get me. You gather a few commitments from friends and head on over to the ticket vendor’s website. You pick your seats, gawk at the predatory pricing, but give in and proceed to pay.

But wait ... what’s this? Before you are allowed to move on you are presented with a weird little checkbox and a message asking you to declare that you are “Not a Robot.”

5 important pages to include on your website

website pages
The content you choose to include on your website depends largely on who you are trying to reach and what your business goals are. However, there is some content users expect to be able to find and should be included on every website.

Including the right basic pages on your website helps increase leads and conversions. It’s a simple and efficient way to improve the success of your website.

In this article, we’ll explore the top five most important pages you should consider including on your website.

4 strategies for marketing to Generation Z

generation z on phones
Marketers have been buzzing about reaching millennials for quite some time, but what about Generation Z?

While many people continue to consider anyone who falls between the ages of 18–34 as millennials, the demographic group’s actual age range is 25–39. Those adults younger than 25-years-old are actually part of Gen Z, and you may need to change your marketing strategy to reach consumers born after 1995.

If you’re trying to reach people in Gen Z, here are some ways to revamp messaging in your marketing strategy from someone who is part of Gen Z.

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