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Service marketing in the healthcare industry: 5 ideas to win new patients

physician looking at patients knee

Service marketing in the healthcare industry is a way for practices to distinguish themselves and offer prospects a clear, customized path to wellness.

Patients want better healthcare, but every option looks the same. Medical providers want to attract the right patients but are swamped by a massive influx of healthcare needs, especially post-pandemic.

Targeting existing and prospective patients with healthcare service marketing is more than a savvy way to advertise your care options. It’s also a way to educate your community about the best ways to heal.

Read on to learn how service marketing in the healthcare industry can generate highly qualified leads, lock in more appointment requests, and acquire new patients.

3 brilliant healthcare marketing solutions you need to see to believe

medical physician

The future of healthcare is digital: 76% of patients plan to use telehealth this year and 75% of medical consumers want a more customized experience. Medical practices need healthcare marketing solutions that keep pace with patient demands.

The healthcare industry is on the frontlines of a world adapting to COVID, big data, and personalization. Keep reading to learn about healthcare marketing solutions your practice can’t afford to ignore.

Healthcare marketing ROI: Use these 3 marketing metrics to improve your strategy

healthcare marketing roi report

A marketing return on investment (ROI) holds healthcare marketing teams accountable to their goals and budgets. Tracking your healthcare marketing ROI is difficult, but dissecting the nuance is worth the effort.

In this article, we’ll break down the benefits of measuring your healthcare marketing ROI, the metrics you should pay attention to, and how you can use that data to improve your marketing efforts.

6 things successful healthcare brand marketing strategies have in common

even hospitals, like the one pictured, need healthcare brand marketing strategies to keep patients satisfied

Healthcare brand marketing nurtures the relationships between healthcare organizations and their consumers. Branding is a marketing strategy that elevates the brand as a whole, promoting its healthcare services as evidence of the brand’s personality.

But do patients really care about a medical practice’s “personality”? Over 56% of customers remain loyal to brands that “get them,” and organizations earn 65% of their business from loyal customers. Executing a healthcare brand marketing strategy that aligns with your patients’ values will win their confidence.

Are you ready to generate internal and external loyalty for your healthcare organization? Keep reading to learn how to develop a healthcare brand marketing strategy that inspires patient engagement and builds trust.

The absolute top 15 healthcare marketing statistics for 2022

agency team reviewing healthcare marketing statistics

The healthcare industry has experienced the most dramatic, immediate, and long-term pandemic impacts. Current healthcare marketing statistics form a complex roadmap out of the chaos, and leaders need to understand the data to steer public health in the right direction.

Whether you’re a healthcare marketer, medical provider, or pharmaceutical researcher, the information in this article is crucial for your plans. Keep reading to learn the top healthcare marketing statistics shaping today’s healthcare industry.

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