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Using modular design to create an efficient & cost-effective website

modular web design
Web design has traditionally involved a page-based design process. You identify the different types of pages on a website and then design a unique page template for each type.

While this can still be an efficient way to create some websites, the modern web design process has shifted the focus from page templates to the individual components that make up a page. This approach is commonly referred to as modular design.

Modular design consists of creating a design system with reusable components and patterns. Those components can then be combined in various ways across your website to create unique pages with minimal effort. This makes it especially beneficial for large websites where anticipating the needs of every page can be difficult.

Read on to learn about how you can benefit from modular web design and tips for implementation.

Case study: streamlining loan applications with software ux overhaul

Baker Hill integrated user experience best practices to create a better online loan application
A client since 2016, Baker Hill has worked with TBH Creative on everything from website design to a complete company rebranding initiative.

That’s why, when it was time to design a new, cutting-edge user interface and a better online form experience for their original online lending application, the team at Baker Hill was confident TBH Creative would deliver something both they—and their clients—would love, and that would:
  • Streamline the customization process (It took Baker Hill’s team, who developed the original application, a significant amount of time to modify the base product for each client’s specific usage needs)
  • Look modern and improve the outdated web form user experience (The previous application did not have a defined strategic UX. When clients asked the Baker Hill development team for UX advice, they weren't able to confidently respond to those questions. With the new system, the Baker Hill team can now offer rationale for understanding how things are set up and what the best practices are)
  • Refine content labeling and organization (The original application lacked easy-to-follow and helpful messages to guide users throughout the online loan application process)

How does social media improve customer service?

use social media to provide great customer service
Social media plays an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Considering that nearly half of Americans ages 18-54 follow at least one company on social media—and that over 50% of American adults are more likely to purchase something from one of those brands—having a solid social presence is vital for getting clicks, views, and high conversion rates.

Simply being active on social media, however, isn’t always enough. Social media customer service is one notable growing trend. It is the practice of providing consumer support through social media channels to quickly answer questions from customers.

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