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Telling stories and connecting with customers using LinkedIn articles

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Over 675 million people use LinkedIn at least once a month to look for jobs, connect with business partners, friends, clients, and check-in on people’s professional lives.

It’s not uncommon to see other users posting about promotions and job anniversaries, asking for career advice, promoting the company they work for, endorsing their peer’s skills, and showing off their latest work, but fewer take advantage of the social network’s tool for more personal and corporate branding: article writing. In fact, only three million LinkedIn users share thought leadership content every week.

Read on to learn more about the value of writing articles for LinkedIn.

Case study: Website redesign for multi-location title company

Banker looks at the Meridian Title website
A website redesign project involves more than just giving your site a new look. It requires figuring out what your target audience needs then making a plan to figure out what content just needs refreshing and where you should start over.

Tired of their out-of-date website that was challenging to update and didn’t match their current brand, Meridian Title came to TBH Creative for help with their website redesign project.

Meridian Title’s primary goals for their website redesign included:
  • Rewriting and expanding their content around the needs of their different target audiences
  • Updating their navigation to make popular tools and resources accessible within one click
  • Creating new modern designs and coding flexible templates to better match their brand and streamline future maintenance and growth

2020 website sub-navigation menu trends

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Less than a second. That’s how quickly it takes to make a first impression on a website, according to eye-tracking studies conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

In that short amount of time, you can hardly capture your users’ attention with content, which is why your website’s usability matters so much. In fact, that same study found that people spend about 6.44 seconds viewing the navigation menus.

If your website’s organizational structure isn’t clear, your visitors may find themselves frustrated and click away. Read on to learn how to use sub-navigation menus to decrease your bounce rate and help your users find what they need.

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