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TBH Creative wins 3 national healthcare marketing awards

TBH Creative won three Aster Awards for excellence in healthcare marketing
TBH Creative, one of the Indianapolis area’s leading web design and development companies, recently received three Aster Awards—one gold and two silver—for projects demonstrating excellence in healthcare marketing.

The Aster Awards program is one of the most respected and largest national healthcare marketing competitions.

Each year, thousands of companies across the United States submit entries. The Aster Awards’ panel of preeminent marketing experts and experienced healthcare professionals review the submissions and identify which campaigns deserve recognition for greatness in strategy, creativity, production quality, and effectiveness.

Optimize the doctor profiles on your hospital website

Doctor using hospital website
Should we include photos of our doctors and providers on our hospital website? When we're asked this question, the answer is overwhelmingly "Yes!"

While many consumer interactions have become digitized and automated, trends continue to show that seeing human faces builds trust and converts better. In a recent study, "photo[s] had 48% more conversions as compared to generic icon[s]" and landing pages with photos performed 95% better than those with artwork. (VWO Case Study)

And though a picture is worth a thousand words, for SEO and user-friendliness, doctor headshots should be accompanied by supporting content, like background and expertise. Also, make it easy for new patients to request an appointment with clear, simple calls-to-action (CTAs) that complement the user's journey on your website.

SEO for web developers: A beginner's guide

web developers
Whether your website is big or small, sells products or just provides information, search engine optimization (SEO) directly impacts its success.

SEO increases the visibility of your content, making it easier to both find and browse for users and search engines alike. In order to maximize your search performance potential, SEO should be considered every step of the way while building, maintaining, and marketing your website.

Unfortunately, for web developers, SEO is often an afterthought. This may be due to limited expertise, budget constraints, or lack of time on a project. No matter the reason, ignoring SEO when building a website can be a costly mistake that could negatively affect an existing site’s search ranking or undermine website marketing efforts.

To avoid search performance woes, make SEO best practices an integral part of your website development process. Although web developers shouldn’t be expected to be SEO experts, they should have a thorough understanding of SEO fundamentals and how to build a proper foundation for success.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the primary components of SEO most applicable to web developers, plus share practical tips for implementation.

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