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Celebrating 15 great years in web design and marketing

The web was a simple place back in 2004.

It was the year that Facebook started, now with 2.32 billion monthly active users. It was also the year Bluetooth tech, Gmail, Yelp!, GrubHub, World of Warcraft, and a small web design and development company named TBH Creative came to life.

As TBH Creative celebrates its 15th year in business, we want to pause and thank all of our amazing clients for helping us be one of the 10% of startups that succeed—that includes many who have been with us since the first couple years to some of the new clients in the last year and everyone in between.

Spring clean your website with CTAs that “spark joy”

You can follow Marie Kondo's tips for decluttering to also improve your website CTAs
Take advantage of Marie Kondo’s famous decluttering rules to organize your closet and grow website conversions.

My parents, who have never been minimalists, are in the midst of downsizing, slowly going through all the stuff that’s accumulated in their home over the last 30 years. (Or, to co-opt marketing jargon, you could say my mom and dad are “optimizing their retirement for maximum ROI.”)

TBH Creative wins 3 national healthcare marketing awards

TBH Creative won three Aster Awards for excellence in healthcare marketing
TBH Creative, one of the Indianapolis area’s leading web design and development companies, recently received three Aster Awards—one gold and two silver—for projects demonstrating excellence in healthcare marketing.

The Aster Awards program is one of the most respected and largest national healthcare marketing competitions.

Each year, thousands of companies across the United States submit entries. The Aster Awards’ panel of preeminent marketing experts and experienced healthcare professionals review the submissions and identify which campaigns deserve recognition for greatness in strategy, creativity, production quality, and effectiveness.

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