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How to start (and grow) a Facebook group for a target audience segment

Facebook group example

Strategic digital marketing includes data collection, strategy, and segmented messaging based on your audiences. For some businesses and organizations, such as a community hospital, church, or B2C business, starting a Facebook group can complement other marketing efforts.

By including strategies to reach specific audiences, smart marketing within a Facebook group can build community and pinpoint messaging to a priority audience.

Read on for tips to start and promote a Facebook group to help meet your marketing goals.

Come together: Web design after a merger

designing a website after a company merger

The good news is your merger is official and financials are all figured out. The bad news is now you have to hurry up and redo your website—or, is it?

Though building a new website that gets results is always a big task, it’s a critical communications investment after a merger and should be part of any change management strategy.

Embarking on a post-merger website redesign project gives you an excellent opportunity to build credibility, update messaging, and grow brand recognition for your new, unified organization (while fixing what wasn’t working on your former business websites, too).

Read on to learn more about special considerations for post-merger website projects.

TBH Creative named the #1 B2B service provider in the state of Indiana

Indianapolis web design agency TBH Creative named the #1 B2B service provider in the state of Indiana

Clutch, a market research firm, recently named TBH Creative the #1 B2B service provider in the state of Indiana based on their analysis of verified client feedback demonstrating our “industry expertise and proven ability to deliver.”

It’s always flattering when your peers recognize your hard work, but it’s even more rewarding when you receive accolades based on exceptional client satisfaction.

To quote Sally Field’s memorable 1984 Oscar acceptance speech, “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me.”

It turns out our clients really like us (and appreciate our clear communication, creativity, high standards of excellence, and hustle to regularly beat deadlines)—and that positive feedback is the best award of all.

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