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Best practices & inspiration for breadcrumb navigation

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Navigation is one of the most important elements of a website. Without proper navigation, a user can get lost within a website, with no idea how to get back to where they started or where to go next.

One navigational aid that designers commonly implement to improve wayfinding is breadcrumb navigation.

Breadcrumbs consist of hierarchical links showing where a user is located within the sitemap.

For example, if you were on a website’s team page, the breadcrumb navigation might look something like this:

Home > About Us > Meet the Team

It would include links to the parent pages back to the homepage.

In addition to location-based breadcrumbs, some sites implement attribute-based breadcrumbs as well. This is commonly found on e-commerce websites, where a user might be looking at products under various category levels. Attribute-based breadcrumb navigation might look like this:

All Furniture > Office > Desks > Corner Desks

The path is based on the specific attributes the user has selected to narrow down their results.

Our most popular web and marketing blog posts in 2020

The year 2020 written with wooden bocks

The year 2020 threw a lot of curve balls and—for most of us—at least temporariliy if not indefinitely upended daily life as we know it. When the pandemic started to spread to the United States, it was a stark reminder of the importance of clear communication, being agile, and having the capacity to professionally conduct business digitally.

COVID-19 also changed how we have stayed in-the-know. Though our methods for learning went virtual, here at TBH Creative the business of “keeping up” carried on none-the-less.

Through our blog, we continued to chronicle our most important findings and lessons learned through marketing blog posts. Explore this year’s most popular articles and digital marketing news by checking out these essential web and marketing blog posts.

3 essential tips to manage your website content for project success

illustration of laptop with content writing and other pieces

Website content plays many roles. To boost your SEO, you can use it to target keywords or add strategic links. To strengthen your brand identity, you can use it to tell your story and educate your users.

Preparing web content that is well-written and meets all the necessary technical specs to perform well is a big task. Creating effective content for your site that looks and performs well requires SEO, writing to a template, pulling out content your users need, and more.

Read on for tips and recommendations on how to tackle rganizing and updating new website content for your project.

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