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Optimize your PDFs for SEO

optimized PDF
Did you know that the PDFs you upload to your website affect your SEO? Just like regular web pages, search engines crawl PDFs and other documents posted online, indexing them and assigning page authority and rankings. You might have content offers, infographics, downloadable forms, or job descriptions on your website that are PDFs, and if they aren’t optimized, search engines aren’t seeing them.

Optimizing your PDFs as you would website pages ensures search engines can understand what your files are about, and serve them to users that are looking for your content. In fact, if you aren’t optimizing your PDF files for SEO, you might be missing out on high-quality traffic, leads, and potential customers.

Follow the simple steps outlined below to optimize PDFs for SEO and strengthen your website.

Case study: Church website redesign strengthens connection with congregation

a parishioner checks the St. Matthias homepage using her smartphone to get details about an upcoming event at the church
St. Matthias Roman Catholic Church is a vibrant and growing church community in northwest Indiana. Established in 1966, the church is focused on bringing people of all ages to Christ.

St. Matthias approached TBH Creative about doing a redesign. Their leadership team wanted to better meet their parishioners’ needs by creating a new website that:
  • Better represents the church and its mission
  • Simplifies maintenance tasks for busy church staff
  • Improves user experience
  • Features updated content (design and messaging)

3 digital marketing tips to get more repeat visitors to your website

website getting repeat visitors
If you want to land a second date, what you do before (and during) your first date makes a difference. Knock your new beau’s socks off straight away, and you likely won’t be half a block away before you get a text message to arrange another get-together.

The same applies when you’re courting people into becoming repeat visitors.

First impressions matter

If you don’t create an excellent experience for your customers when they initially come to your website, the chance is good that next time they might navigate elsewhere for the goods or services they need.

Being sticky on a first date? Yeesh, not so good. Being sticky on a first website visit? Now that’s a very good thing. After all, how often do you convert a visitor into a customer after their first visit to your website?

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