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Trigger email alerts as part of your sales enablement automation strategy

Salesperson checking email alerts
Marketing email software usage has been growing by 30% each year, according to Sharpspring. What does this mean to you? Most likely, it means that you already have email marketing automation tools in place or you are considering using them in the near future.

Marketing email automation is often used as a tool for deploying client communications, such as triggered welcome emails, nurturing email workflows, birthday email messages, and so on. However, email automation tools can also be used to streamline your internal sales process, too. Sales enablement automation can set your team up for success by bridging the gap between sales and marketing.

Setting up automated alerts, reminders, and reports for your sales team takes some of the day-to-day management of client nurturing out of their manual workload by automatically alerting them when it is a prime time to follow up with a lead or even when to recognize a client with an important anniversary approaching.

Keep reading to learn about the three types of automated emails you can use to improve the sales process.

Website redirect planning: How to avoid 404s on your new site

404 robot
You just launched your new website. It took months of work and you are so excited to hear all of the positive feedback. The new website is beautiful, easy to use, and follows all of the latest website best practices... but you forgot one thing.

All of your old site’s web pages are indexed in Google, and the new site URL structure is completely different. Users searching looking for your business using Google keep getting sent to a 404 page. The good news is that this situation is easy to avoid when you create (and execute) a proper website redirect plan before your new website is launched.

When you’re getting your new website ready to go live, there are many behind-the-scenes steps to prepare for a smooth transition, and a redirect plan is one that should be prioritized.

Consider the following questions to create a website redirect plan for your new site.

Case study: website redesign strengthens company’s brand

The Christopher B. Burke engineering website desktop homepage
Finding the right people for your team is always stressful and challenging, but the process is especially tricky when the pool of skilled candidates is shrinking.

That’s one of the big reasons why having a well-designed website is no longer just a “nice-to-have” marketing tool. When it comes to attracting and recruiting top talent and customers, having a great website is an essential part of building a strong brand presence online and ensuring a good website experience.

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