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What is a progressive web app? An overview for beginners

laptop and mobile devices
The line between native applications and web-based applications has been blurred for quite some time now.

Gone are the days where every online service requires a separate download on your mobile device. More functionality is available right within your web browser than ever before.

Web applications have certain advantages over native applications. They are easier to build and maintain, quicker to access, and can be shared like any other web content. However, one major area where they falter in comparison is their inability to take advantage of native device features.

Enter the progressive web app (PWA), a web application that uses modern browser capabilities to function more like a native application.

PWA’s take advantage of technologies and APIs that can access a device’s native features, improving functionality and usability.

8 types of video marketing

video marketing
The landscape of content marketing is changing with each minute.

As social media's popularity increases, the number of companies trying to reach customers through these channels increases too.

If marketers want to help companies stand out from the competition, they need to focus on engaging with target audiences in interactive and authentic ways. There's no more effective way to do that than video marketing, the type of outreach with the most significant growth and the most flexibility.

Here are eight types of video marketing techniques to bump up your digital marketing game.

Pro tips for optimizing your email signature

email signature marketing
How many emails have you received today? How many have you sent?

Chances are, that number is at least in the double digits since email is now the primary type of communication for most businesses. In fact, the experts at the Radicati Group estimates that the average number of business emails sent and received every day is over 100 per person, according to the Radicati Group.

If you send even a fraction of that many emails per day, you may be overlooking a major marketing opportunity: your email signature.

Email signature marketing focuses on taking your email signature beyond just basic contact information and transforming it into a beneficial marketing tool. By optimizing your email signature, every message you send has the opportunity to promote your brand, generate leads, or drive website traffic.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create an email signature that is professional, attractive, and beneficial to your marketing strategy.

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