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Meet Kennedy, web and digital marketing assistant

headshot of TBH Creative's Kennedy Smith, web and marketing assistant
I’m Kennedy, TBH Creative’s new web and marketing assistant.

I’m looking forward to gaining new skills, working at the corner of business and design, and using my background in graphic design and marketing—and passion for strategy.

At TBH Creative you’ll find me handling maintenance support requests, managing social media, assisting with website production, jamming out to some light-hearted tunes, and much more.

I am looking forward to diving into all the inner workings of TBH, assisting clients in their unique projects, and learning more about creating and implementing marketing strategies.

How to plan a successful event promotion campaign on Facebook

Marketing manager preparing a strategy
You know that practically everyone is on Facebook, but how do you reach the people who are in your target audience? And, how do you turn online engagements into actual RSVPs for your upcoming events?

Like any successful promotion strategy, you’ll need to start with a plan.

You will get the best results when you determine your goal, audience and budget and establish a posting strategy before you ever log in to Facebook. Since event-driven campaigns have a natural end date, it also helps to plan early and give yourself plenty of time to execute, monitor, and adjust based on performance.

Read on for how to plan an effective promotion strategy for your upcoming event on Facebook.

Website management tips for beginners

website management
We do our best to set our clients up for success when we hand over a finished website.

While many website owners are excited to get in and start making changes, there are also those that are overwhelmed with the concept of managing their website.

If you fall closer to the overwhelmed side, don’t worry. While keeping your website up-to-date and looking good does take some effort, you don’t have to be an experienced designer or developer to succeed.

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