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Case study: Nonprofit website redesign project supports its target audiences

User viewing the new MDFF nonprofit website on an iPad

The best nonprofit websites inspire actions that support their missions. These effective sites feature content that is organized and customized to help users—from the people they serve to donors, partners, and other volunteers—get the info and resources they need when they need them.

Wanting to elevate their website offerings to expand their reach and simplify administrative tasks, the the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation reached out to TBH Creative for help revamping its web presence. The main goals of their new nonprofit website redesign included:

  • Making it easier for users to find what they need with a strategic reorganization of information
  • Creating more content that tells the story of how MDFF improves the lives of people living with a neuromuscular disease
  • Upgrading the website design with more engaging visual elements and tweaks to improve ADA compliance
Launch date: October 2020

Case study: Membership website revamped with database-driven solution

Dermatologist using the new IAD membership website

Good membership websites provide organizations with a direct way to collect dues and communicate with their members, but the very best solutions do even more. They are also designed to meet the needs of prospective members and set up to make it easy for busy organization leaders to handle administrative tasks.

Looking to take their website to the next level, the Indiana Academy of Dermatology partnered with TBH Creative to upgrade its web presence. Their new website boosts the organization's capacity to serve its membership and streamline organizational management work.

IAD’s primary goals for their redesigned membership website included:

  • Setting up a digital, database-driven solution for online event registration, private member communications, resources sharing, and easy management
  • Redesigning the homepage to showcase the organization’s mission, highlight its leadership team, and show the IAD’s work and offerings
Launch date: July 2020

Do you really need to create a mobile app for your business?

customers using a mobile app for a ride sharing service

Apple coined the phrase “There’s an app for that!” in 2009, and it feels even more accurate today. However, you don’t always need an app to appeal to mobile internet users.

A mobile-friendly website offers the same functionalities, all while making better use of your digital marketing budget.

Keep reading to learn more about why a mobile-friendly website might be the smarter option.

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