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Define marketing lifecycle stages for the best ROI

defining lifecycle stages graphic
Within a marketing strategy, it is important to define your contact lifecycle stages. By mapping out your customer journey and which key actions move them further into your funnel, you’ll have a better roadmap for preparing and prioritizing marketing efforts to support business goals.

Advice for improving your social media strategy

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It’s uncommon to not have a social media presence as a brand in today’s world. But do you have an active and thriving social media strategy for your platforms, or are you simply just “there”?

While having accounts on various platforms is a great start, it’s time to make sure you’re taking strides to be a part of a larger internet strategic plan. 

Keep reading to see our top five posts for perfecting your social media strategy.

Getting to know your target audience

choosing a target audience

We all know trying to appeal to everyone is one of the greatest marketing mistakes. As marketers, we’ve learned that defining a target audience is best practice, but how do we dig deeper than basic demographic details?

Beyond defining an age range, gender, location, and income level, there’s more to learn about your target audience. Read on to find creative ways you can learn more about your target audience.

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