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Website user experience basics for non-designers

working through the website user experience research and planning process
User experience, also known as UX, is an integral part of any website redesign. If you want results from your new site, you have to listen to your target audience.

The good news is that this is work anyone can do. All it takes is empathy, understanding, and common sense.

You don’t have to have a master’s degree in website user experience to lead a web design project that supports your customers, sets you apart, and meets your goals. You only have to want to help people—and then be willing to fight to make sure your new site delivers with its refreshed content, design, and functionality.
Are you ready to put the “friend” in user-friendly?
Read on to discover how you can leverage website user experience principles to identify patterns of behavior and ensure your new site gives your customers what they need.

Web design showcase: Locations webpage design

woman searching phone on street
The locations page on a website is usually one of the popular pages. If you’re a consulting business, it might be a list of all of your offices. If you’re a retail store, it might show where people can find your shops. If you're a non-profit, it might all the places people can go to volunteer.

No matter what your company or organization does, if you have multiple locations, your users will navigate to your website’s locations page with the hope of finding out which location closest to them or to determine which location might be the best fit for their needs.

An effective locations webpage will be designed and written with the goals of their specific users in mind. They should make it easy for website visitors to visualize locations in a map view, get contact details about specific locations, and filter search results in ways that make sense if there are many locations.

To get inspiration to improve your website, check out these six stand-out examples of locations webpage designs.

6 tips for evaluating website redesign portfolios

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You’ve decided your website needs a refresh. Whether that’s because your old site is outdated and clunky or because you’ve updated your branding, finding the best web designer to revamp your site can feel like an impossible task.

With a seemingly endless list of options, finding a “needle in a haystack” is an apt comparison. To make your project a little easier to tackle, start by reviewing portfolios to find the best web designer for your website redesign.

Keep reading to discover a few tips to follow when evaluating web designer portfolios.

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