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Increase social media engagement: Are you doing what works?

marketer uses his phone while trying to increase social media engagement for his company on Facebook

Most businesses know that social media can be a powerful business tool but aren’t sure there is value in developing a strategy to increase social media engagement.

An engaged social media following can contribute to various business goals, whether you’re in e-commerce, selling services to consumers, or offering consulting services to other businesses.

Suppose you have had lackluster results with social media marketing strategies in the past. In that case, you could be one of the many brands that either underestimate the value of engagement or are stuck in the same old strategy.

Check out the tips below to increase social media engagement for your brand.

Meet Lilian, TBH Creative’s web & marketing assistant

Lilian Salomon headshot

Hi! My name is Lilian, but you can call me Lilly. I’m the new web and marketing assistant at TBH Creative.

Before I began my journey here, I honed my digital marketing, website production, and graphic design skills while tackling a wide range of freelance projects. My previous experiences also include managing several social media channels and writing for a newspaper and magazine.

Want a sticky website? Follow these 4 essential usability tips

illustration of people creating a sticky website

A great website is a sticky website. It does more than just provide information. It encourages interactions, delivers a memorable experience, and makes people want to visit again later.

Users can’t resist a mix of professional design, engaging copy (with valuable information), and a positive user experience.

Keep reading to discover exactly what makes a website sticky.

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