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A client’s guide to moving from the web design to web development phase

developer coding a website
“Why doesn’t my website look like the design?” This question pops up sometimes during website projects, and it is a telltale sign that something has gone awry. The good news is that this is an avoidable dilemma.

When clients have limited technical knowledge, the development stage can be confusing and lead to surprises. If the communication is poor and expectations aren’t managed properly, problems often arise.

To successfully transition from design to development requires collaboration by all involved on a web development project to get on the same page and eliminate the potential for misunderstandings.

Use the following checklist as a guide for what you should think about, as a client, before your website is built.

Case study: web redesign helps hospital convert visitors into patients

Logansport Memorial Hospital's healthcare website is optimized for mobile users
People are more engaged than ever in managing their healthcare needs, and the web plays an essential role in how patients interact with their providers.

From researching treatment options and requesting appointments to looking up location info and paying medical bills, effective hospital websites play an important part in the patient journey.

To stay competitive, today’s hospital websites need to be dynamic, up-to-date, easy-to-use, fast-loading, and helpful. A TBH Creative client since 2012, Logansport Memorial Hospital decided to refresh its website last year to:
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Grow patient appointment requests
  • Promote health content to residents in their small community

See results with an email marketing strategy

Customer checking email inbox
Today’s inboxes are flooded with unwanted, unwelcome emails on a daily basis. When you’re trying to reach customers by email, how do you keep your marketing messages from becoming more background noise? One way is to craft emails that put your customer’s needs first.

Shifting your goals for email marketing from growing sales to providing useful information can feel like a big leap for some marketers, but this tactic has been proven to help companies get the best ROI from email marketing outreach.

So, how do you get better results with your email strategy with user-centric messaging?

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