The growing demand for remote work options has blown open the door for healthcare marketing webinars. Though in-person networking events are opening up again, online classes are more popular than ever. In fact, 95% of survey respondents name webinars as an essential component of their marketing strategy.

The healthcare industry is changing at an explosive rate. Leverage your marketing team’s expertise to network, gain contacts, and enhance your reputation.

In this article, we’ll explain how to use healthcare marketing webinars to build your organization’s brand authority in the medical industry and digital marketing space.

Plan your webinar for a healthcare marketing audience

Healthcare marketing webinars can play a pivotal role in your practice’s digital marketing strategy. However, the quality of your results depends on the precision of your targeting. To prepare targeted content, identify your goals. Then, target the audience who will best help you reach them.

Let’s say your goal is to become an authority on digital marketing for dermatology clinics. Your target market will include private dermatologists, dermatology trade associations, hospital healthcare marketers, and healthcare marketing agencies. As you develop talking points and research examples, focus on solutions that will be immediately useful to your target market.

Creating targeted content for your healthcare marketing webinars is only the beginning. You also need to choose channels your audience is most likely to engage. In the scenario above, you are targeting medical professionals in dermatology. LinkedIn and dermatology associations would make excellent platforms for promoting professional development opportunities.

Create a series of healthcare marketing webinars to keep the conversation going

According to one 2021 study, 98% of physicians recommended the use of webinars for continued education. With that statistic in mind, what’s better than one targeted healthcare marketing webinar? A series of webinars deep-diving into the topics your target medical audience cares about most.

If you’re a marketing expert, you know that a single hour-long session simply will not cover the nuances of healthcare marketing. For example, a trending digital marketing topic is customer journey mapping. That subject involves branding, SEO, automation, marketing analytic tracking, content creation, etc.

Instead of cramming as much information as you can into one webinar about the patient journey, create a series of webinars breaking this concept down.

You could conduct a two-part webinar series that explains how to create a customer journey map in part one and analyzes examples in part two. You could even create a course broken into many 15-minute healthcare marketing webinars.

Engage them, and they will come

Webinars targeting communications audiences see the highest conversion rates (67%). So how do you get from planning healthcare marketing webinars to conversions? You engage your audience through the proper channels.

Email is by far the most effective channel for webinars, generating up to 57% of total webinar registrations. Social media is the second most effective, driving 15% of registrations. These numbers suggest that you promote your webinars primarily through email.

How to harness the power of online marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to promote your webinars because you get to show off your expertise. Consider all promotional materials advertising your healthcare marketing webinars as teasers.

Your target audience is made of people who want to get better at healthcare marketing. That said, make sure you’re creating compelling emails, social media posts, paid ads, and blog posts to support your authority on digital marketing in healthcare.

Webinars on healthcare marketing accountability

The pandemic’s transformation of the marketplace has put healthcare marketing budgets in a state of flux. On the one hand, the rising demand for telehealth has incentivized healthcare brands to enhance their digital marketing strategies. On the other, Covid has taken an economic toll. Marketing teams are often the first ones to feel the impact.

Face this challenge head-on and offer healthcare marketing webinars that focus on budgeting and accountability. Digital marketing is growing in healthcare. You can establish yourself as a leader by teaching on the following complex topics in healthcare marketing:

  • ROI
  • KPIs
  • SMART goals
  • Marketing audits

Take on the most challenging concepts in healthcare marketing to establish yourself as a digital marketing expert in the field.

Webinars have an excellent healthcare marketing ROI

Webinars are a low-cost way to offer your target audience value, attract high-quality leads, and increase conversions. 91% of webinar attendees visit the host company’s website to get more information, making webinars one of the most powerful digital tools for inbound marketing.

Healthcare professionals want to adapt to the changing marketplace

Your healthcare marketing team has insider knowledge about two rapidly changing fields: digital marketing and the healthcare industry. Your target audience is made of people who might understand one of these fields but need insight into the other. Healthcare marketing webinars that attract qualified leads will explore the following trends:

  • The rise of big data in healthcare
  • Where personalization, marketing, and medicine intersect
  • How healthcare organizations can use social media to improve public health
  • How automation can save money and create more equitable systems in healthcare
  • How telehealth can reduce physician burnout and improve patient health outcomes

The most obvious goal of healthcare marketing is to improve business outcomes for brands in the healthcare industry. However, medical communications (especially digital marketing) play an essential role in shaping the patient experience.

Medical marketing connects sick people with the right wellness solutions. Your healthcare marketing webinars help marketing teams and healthcare professionals heal their communities with better tools and deeper empathy.

Do I have enough experience to present a webinar?

If you’re excited about conducting a series of healthcare marketing webinars but are beginning to feel the creep of imposter syndrome, push through it. If you have experience helping brands in the healthcare industry execute digital marketing strategies, you have something to offer.

Putting your agency out there is a bold and strategic way to teach what you know. Plus, taking questions and engaging with your audience will help you identify genuine areas of expertise versus subjects you could spend more time researching.

Just make sure to do your homework and take time planning your webinars. Collect surveys from your audience at the end, and do it again, incorporating feedback to improve your work.

FAQs about healthcare marketing webinars

Are you interested in attending webinars created for healthcare marketing purposes but want to know what to expect before you go? Keep reading to learn more about this type of online seminar.

What does a healthcare marketer do? How can you keep your skillset up-to-date by attending medical webinars?

Healthcare marketers create omnichannel marketing campaigns promoting healthcare brands. They are experts at deploying digital marketing tactics and understand the nuances of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare marketing examples include website redesign, app development, social media marketing, video content, and blog posts. The modern healthcare consumer is looking for healthcare brands that meet them where they’re at, provide helpful information, and prioritize convenience.

How do I get into healthcare marketing? How can a webinar help?

If you’re a marketing agency looking to niche into healthcare, attending healthcare marketing webinars is an excellent way to learn how to do it. You can meet other healthcare marketers and access exclusive educational resources.

If you are a healthcare brand in need of a digital marketing solution, get into healthcare marketing by recruiting an agency. You can focus on patient care and improving your services while your healthcare marketing team works on promotional materials that generate leads and improve retention.

What are the 5 Ps of healthcare marketing? Why might they be covered during a medical webinar?

These are the 5 P’s of healthcare marketing:

  • People. Identify the target medical market your healthcare brand serves best.
  • Product. Understand the products and service lines your medical brand offers patients and healthcare consumers.
  • Price. Communicate the cost of your services and products along with the value patients receive and all pathways they can choose to complete payment.
  • Process. Consider your internal and external communications processes and seek ways to improve the user experience at every stage of the patient journey.
  • Promotion. Use an omnichannel approach to promote your healthcare brand.

The 5 P’s of healthcare marketing are foundational for communications strategies that reach business goals and help patients.

Meet the expert healthcare marketers at TBH Creative

In the past 15 years, the medical marketers at TBH Creative have worked with top brands in the healthcare industry, including large hospitals and private physician clinics.

Every year for the past four years, we’ve received national recognition for our excellent healthcare marketing in the following categories:

  • Blog design
  • Digital marketing
  • Physician search
  • Recruitment campaign
  • Service line promotion
  • Telemedicine microsite
  • Website design

There’s a reason healthcare brands keep coming back to our full-service, creative website agency: we deliver results every time.

TBH Creative healthcare marketing webinars

We’re always excited to share our expertise with other marketers in the healthcare field.

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing to patients or how to become a marketer at a medical practice or hospital, connect with TBH Creative on LinkedIn to be one of the first to find out about upcoming healthcare marketing webinars.

Want to know what it’s like to join one of our healthcare marketing webinars? View this recorded presentation from May 2022 that covers the top 9 mistakes to avoid on your medical practice website.