Consumers today are armed with information, and 83% expect immediate personalization from the brands they choose. Healthcare precision marketing answers the call, giving prospects the customized communications they demand.

Keep reading if you’re ready to embrace this new targeted approach. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of healthcare precision marketing, so you can help your healthcare practice deliver personalized care, win new patients, and turn existing patients into brand ambassadors.

What is healthcare precision marketing?

Healthcare precision marketing is a communications strategy that narrows its focus to targeted medical audiences. Healthcare marketers who utilize precision marketing focus on exact consumer characteristics like treatment stages, individual symptoms, political values, or regional commonalities.

Data-driven healthcare precision marketing works because it targets medical audiences based on their unique needs.

Instead of grouping similar patients into one large segment, precision marketing in healthcare takes the personalized approach. Patient marketing that encourages sighs of relief (instead of frustration) starts with precision.

Ask these 4 questions to plan your healthcare precision marketing strategy

The first step to forming a winning precision marketing strategy is getting to know your target audience. Ask yourself these questions to create a one-of-a-kind healthcare marketing campaign:

  • Who is your target medical audience?
  • What do you know about these consumers?
  • Why should your target audience trust your brand?
  • How can you acquire patients for your target therapeutic area?

4 ways to segment your audience for healthcare precision marketing

Effective target marketing in healthcare requires audience segmentation. Here are four ways to segment your audience for healthcare precision marketing:


Treatment journey commonalities

Target your audience based on their treatment journey milestones. Segment by diagnoses, therapies, symptoms, patient advocacy, or compliance status.

For example, you can create a highly targeted video marketing campaign that educates hip surgery patients on post-op physical therapy techniques.


Competitive advantages

Your health brand has unique strengths that distinguish it from the competition. Identify the assets you bring to patients and leverage those to target specific health consumer needs.

For instance, clinics near the interstate can emphasize convenience in their inbound marketing campaigns.


Consumer behaviors

Create healthcare precision marketing materials that adapt to your target audience’s behaviors. Is your target audience on social media? Are they more likely to research on their smartphones or desktops? Consumer behaviors inform successful health precision marketing.


Healthcare market demographics

Social, regional, cultural, and political factors contribute to health consumers’ perceptions of care. Responsive healthcare precision marketing addresses your market’s social, regional, cultural, or political objections.

Say your target demographic values autonomy. Create healthcare precision marketing that emphasizes the ways your services nurture independence.

Creating an effective healthcare precision marketing strategy

Data analytics are foundational for your healthcare precision marketing plan. Before building a strategy, make sure that you have marketing analytics tools that collect and interpret data. Then, you’re ready to take these steps:


Identify your goal

Do you want to see more patients sign up for your new healthcare service line? Are you trying to recruit healthcare professionals in a specific therapeutic area? Do you want to reach a particular region you believe contains untapped leads? Setting a clear goal for your precision marketing campaign is your first step to achieving it.


Organize and evaluate your data

Use marketing data analytics software to study your data. What landing pages get the most conversions? Which have the highest bounce rates? On what sections of your website do visitors spend the most time? There’s a story hidden in those numbers, and it will reveal your target audience’s needs.


Use data-driven insights to create market segments

Once you begin answering questions with your data, you can segment your audience based on unique commonalities. The more specific your segments, the more valuable your marketing materials will be. In today’s consumer-centric healthcare industry, creating content patients value wins.


Craft your message

Imagine that your goal is to see more appointment requests for your dentistry’s veneer service. You’ve identified three high-qualified audiences to target for this goal. Your next step is to create segmented marketing materials that appeal to these audiences.


Test, measure, and refine

Think of your healthcare precision marketing strategy as a process rather than a final product. Your brand and market will evolve. Implement regular marketing audits and continuously analyze the data to remain agile and responsive to your market’s needs.

The rise of precision and preventative medicine

Life expectancy changes, the pandemic, and technology are changing the medical field and patient needs. Medical researchers and healthcare providers shift their focus from reacting to symptoms to preventing their onset. Healthcare marketing must evolve with the industry and take a more personalized approach to communications.

Healthcare precision marketing is better for businesses and people

Taking the time and using the software needed to craft the highly-targeted marketing strategies described here is an investment worth making. Some of the benefits of healthcare precision marketing include the following:

  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Motivated employees and lower turnover
  • Improved retention rates
  • Increased industry authority
  • Reduced marketing expenses

Here’s the bottom line: precision marketing centers on patients, and health brands that center on patients win trust, appointments, and talent.

FAQs about healthcare precision marketing

Healthcare precision marketing gives patients the specific answers they need to find the care you offer. Read on to learn more about this next-generation approach to target healthcare marketing.

Why is it important for healthcare managers to understand key components of marketing?

Healthcare managers and administrators are responsible for overseeing and improving the execution of their brand’s budget and processes. Working toward a positive marketing ROI plays a crucial role in these areas.

Key marketing techniques can benefit the overall business when efficiently deployed. For example, effective healthcare precision marketing optimizes communications budgets, generates high-quality leads, and improves revenue.

What is swoop advertising?

Healthcare precision marketing can be defined by these characteristics:

  • Targeting highly-specified medical audience segments
  • Activating an omnichannel approach including social media, search, email, and more
  • Deploying customized precision marketing quickly
  • Using marketing analytics to test and refine

These advertising techniques are used by the best healthcare marketers to usher medical brands into the future of consumer-driven healthcare.

What are the challenges to successful healthcare marketing?

The top obstacles to successful healthcare marketing include the following:

  • Outdated and overwhelmed systems
  • Inadequate marketing budgets
  • Public perception of healthcare
  • Underutilized patient reviews
  • Marketing segmentation
  • HIPAA compliance

A highly-rated healthcare marketer can help medical practices navigate these challenges and launch effective digital marketing strategies.

Get started with healthcare precision marketing

The top healthcare marketing trends point to the growing need for enhanced digital communications. Patients want convenience, virtual solutions, and personalization.

Developing a healthcare precision marketing plan responds to the changing industry and sets your healthcare practice up for long-term success.

Work with award-winning healthcare marketers

Healthcare precision marketing takes a nuanced approach only the most effective digital marketers can navigate.

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