Client: Tracking Football

Tracking Football had an established brand, a loyal client base, and a trusted industry reputation. What would warrant a sports logo redesign for a company in this position? Several key factors influenced this choice. The first reason was that the logo lacked versatility and had deficits in application needs; specifically, there was no horizontal version of the logo and intricacies were lost at small sizes. Other considerations were the acquisition of multiple businesses and the company’s 10-year anniversary. The leadership team felt that the logo was never quite right and the timing was perfect with these milestones to upgrade and refresh.

The brand refresh provided an opportunity to create a modern, professional image that better represented Tracking Football’s innovative analytical work in the sports industry. The updated logo also offered the flexibility needed for usage across all mediums from the marketing website, the product application, email communications, social media, Internet ads, and event banners.

Launch date: January 2024

“TBH Creative is a top-notch digital marketing and web services business. I have worked with them for many years in several areas including web development, digital marketing, logo creation, and branding. They always take each project with complete care and attention, and I have always been excited with the end product. I highly recommend TBH Creative to any business or service needing assistance in digital marketing or web development.”

Mark Branstad, Founder & CEO, Tracking Football

Tracking Football’s chief executive officer, Mark Branstad, shared insights about the logo rebrand project. His responses–below–have been condensed.

What features of the new logo are you most excited about (and why)?

Branstad: The new logo is more modern and updated to reflect our recent growth with the acquisition of several companies into our business. It is exciting to have the logo and branding mirror that growth along with the business. The new small version has been a great addition and would never have worked with the previous logo mark.

What does your team think of the new logo? What has been the response from your clients and partners?

Branstad: We had our former logo for ten years. Change can be hard. Since the rebrand, we have gotten positive feedback from all directions. Our team enjoys the updated look and feel, and we have received numerous positive comments from our clients.

Updating the logo has been in discussion since our first work together in 2016. What triggered the work now? And are you glad you went ahead with the sports logo update?

Branstad: Once we were in the process of acquiring a few businesses, the timing felt right to match the brand with the growth our business was experiencing. We were glad we took this next step when we did, and we appreciate the thoughtful guidance provided by TBH Creative.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to other companies looking for a creative branding agency? Is there anything specific you’d like to tell them?

Branstad: Yes, I would certainly recommend TBH Creative to other companies and have already done so on several occasions. I tell other companies that TBH Creative will keep working until you are completely satisfied with the end product. Their process is complete and professional. I’ve not been disappointed in the many years of working with TBH Creative.

Tracking Football brand package logos

TBH Creative’s founder, Tatum Hindman shared insights about the redesign project. Her responses are below. 

TBH Creative has worked with Mark and the Tracking Football team for a number of years. Why has the partnership lasted so long?

Hindman: Our partnership with Tracking Football has been extremely rewarding. Since the first months of working together, it was evident that Mark trusted our team and expertise. There were a lot of ideas and choices to make. It was exciting to watch their company grow, and it has been rewarding to play a role in the phases of their product development, brand, and marketing. Mark is hard-working, does what he says he will do, and values our work. These are qualities that match ours, and the partnership has flourished through collaboration and the desire for excellence.

I would also take this moment to thank Mark for choosing TBH Creative as its partner and trusting us with his vision. The projects we have been awarded with Tracking Football have been successful with measurable results–the work has been a privilege to be a part of .

Is there anything that you’d like to highlight about the logo rebrand project?

Hindman: Rebranding is very personal, and it can be tricky–especially for a product that already has a market and established audience. The logo redesign work focused on keeping the brand equity while enhancing the visual design and expanding its versatility. 

For example, we selected a font that nodded to the original in a more sophisticated way. Then, we made subtle changes from black to gray and softened the edges. After initial concepts, we created an identity package that had options for all of the known needs in our marketing and website work together across the years. 

Again, we were thrilled to have this opportunity and work alongside Mark and the Tracking Football team. The work they do is changing the industry, and these visuals will impact their future growth plans and touch many users.

Laptop showing Tracking Football logo redesign in use