The top healthcare marketing trends paint an undeniable picture of where the industry’s headed: online. Successful healthcare marketing examples tap into the power of digital to prioritize convenience, amplify healthcare services, and personalize communications.

The cultural context supports this trend in healthcare marketing:

  • One billion (7%) of daily Google searches are health-related
  • One in ten Americans turn to social media for medical advice
  • 69% of millennials would rather consult the internet than their doctor

Today’s healthcare marketing statistics prove that patients want digital solutions. Consumers will choose your healthcare practice if you can build bridges connecting them to your services. Digital marketing solutions like social media management, email, and content creation are those bridges.

But throwing together a website and randomly posting on social media won’t deliver consistent results. In fact, poor digital marketing can backfire and send prospective patients running. So what makes a strong healthcare marketing example? And how can a healthcare organization execute marketing campaigns that build patient trust?

If you’re looking for healthcare marketing examples to inspire your next digital campaign, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to see the award-winning work we’ve done for real clients in the healthcare industry.


Web design patients want to see

Everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do it anyway. That’s an undeniable human trait your healthcare marketing campaign must address as you develop a conversion-generating website for your healthcare practice.

Patients want astounding websites that are easy to navigate, nice to look at, and made for convenience. The following healthcare marketing examples feature the modern web design and frictionless UX your patients expect you to deliver.

Dermatology Aesthetics’ appointment request form webpage
Dermatology Aesthetics’ appointment request form webpage

Book an appointment pages

How often have you delayed scheduling an appointment because you didn’t have a chance to make a call until the business or clinic you needed to reach was closed? The strongest healthcare marketing examples across industries always include a way for busy patients to schedule appointments online.

Leverage the growing demand for convenience by integrating online booking pages to win conversions. You’ll see what that can look like in these healthcare marketing examples featuring Dermatology Aesthetics, a private dermatology clinic.

Service pages

Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center wanted to target patients in need of relief from hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain. We built out pages explaining each specialty their health care practice offers with clear CTAs, including an integrated appointment scheduling tool.

These healthcare marketing examples combine excellent content, SEO, and web design tactics. The result: aesthetically pleasing service pages that center patients and led to a 1,190% appointment request increase in just three months.

One of Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center’s physician detail pages
One of Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center’s physician detail pages

Provider pages

Patients want to know about the physicians who treat them. When they feel connected to a provider, they’re more likely to schedule an appointment with that person.

To make the health providers at Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center more relatable to prospective patients, we created individual physician pages. The following healthcare marketing examples give visitors insight into each provider’s schedule, background, and personality.


Patient-centric medical SEO

For 77% of healthcare consumers, the patient journey starts on Google. Search engine optimization remains a critical digital marketing strategy you can’t ignore if you want to leverage the 83% of patients who use Google to find their next healthcare provider.

Keyword research

A Pew Research report found that 66% of internet users search the internet for answers to their health-related questions. In other words, using targeted keywords will attract high-quality leads to your healthcare practice.

For example, people who are at the beginning of the patient journey may use search terms like “wrist pain” or “physical therapy.” Patients who are ready to convert are likely to use long-tail keywords like “triangular fibrocartilage complex” or “TFCC pain.”

In addition to using targeted keywords, you can amplify your SEO by writing website header tags that are easy for search engines and humans to read.

You’ll see various strategic keyword deployments in the following healthcare marketing examples.

Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center’s optimized Google My Business profile
Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center’s optimized Google My Business profile

Google My Business profile optimization

Here are two SEO statistics that will blow you away:

  • Roughly one in three mobile searches are location-centered
  • Two in three smartphone users will choose brands by geography

Optimizing your Google My Business profile is an efficient way to meet the patient needs for local care while improving your website’s discoverability.

Take a look at how it’s done in the next healthcare marketing examples.

Google My Business Optimization Checklist

Ready to take control of your company’s online reputation? Use this Google My Business profile optimization checklist.

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Digital ads for healthcare audiences

If you think you can execute a competition-crushing marketing strategy without investing in paid ads, think again. Across industries, Google has the highest conversion rate (8.2%) out of all advertising channels. Paid ads generate 64% of traffic on web pages with healthcare forms, and the average conversion rate for paid search is 5%.

Digital ads are powerful inbound marketing tools. You can’t afford to surrender ad space to your competition. But not all PPC campaigns are successful. Results-driven paid ad strategies require research and involve multiple channels. You’ll see how paid ads helped real healthcare brands reach their goals in the following healthcare marketing examples.

Paid search advertising

Getting started with paid advertising is a proven way to generate leads. One of our favorite PPC healthcare marketing examples is Logansport Memorial Hospital. Thanks to an omnichannel digital marketing strategy, including a PPC campaign, Logansport Memorial Hospital saw a 124% increase in appointment requests.

Social media advertising

If you’re wondering why your healthcare practice needs to invest in social media advertising, take a look at Pew Research statistics about social media usage among the following age groups:

  • 84% (ages 18–29)
  • 81% (ages 30–49)
  • 73% (ages 50–65)
  • 45% (65+)

Put simply, significant numbers of people in all age groups are on social media. Even if they aren’t actively searching for health information, you can use paid ads to direct their attention toward your solutions.

But most Americans are actively using social to get answers to their health questions. In fact, 74% of Americans turn to social media for health information. Given this tendency, your medical practice can’t afford to leave ad space for the competition.

What do effective social media ads in the healthcare industry look like? Take a look at the following healthcare marketing examples to see how healthcare practices used paid social media advertising to successfully reach (and convert) leads.


Video marketing patients won’t ignore

According to a Wyzowl survey of 582 participants, 81% of marketers believe that video marketing improves their bottom line. Another survey found that 99% of consumers like to watch brand videos online.

Medical audiences are especially hungry for quality video content that explains their conditions and symptoms. They want to know how your healthcare services can help them, and your next campaign can use video to give them those answers. Take a look at the following healthcare marketing examples for appointment-generating video strategies.

YouTube SEO

Most of the time, healthcare prospects ready to convert have urgent, health-related problems. An up-to-date YouTube channel educating patients about their conditions and your health services is a patient-centered way to enhance your marketing efforts. In the following healthcare marketing examples, targeted keywords help YouTube connect patients to health solutions.

Social video marketing

Sharing videos on social media can make the patient journey a clearer, more enjoyable process. Healthcare marketing examples that are practical and visually engaging are especially important in the healthcare industry. In addition to educating, soothing, and entertaining your target audience, social video marketing also improves your SEO quality.

Video marketing services

From concept development to scripting and animation, you can use a range of video marketing services to enhance your communications strategy. Use the following video healthcare marketing examples to inspire your next campaign.


Healthcare marketing tracking and analytics

Healthcare marketing is a long-term investment. Using software to track your marketing analytics is necessary to justify marketing spend, understand how to distribute your marketing budget, and improve your marketing ROI.

We’ve seen powerful healthcare marketing examples of data tracking with our own clients. By using marketing analytics software, we increased appointment requests by 80% for OrthoIndy, a leading orthopedic practice in the Midwest.

Several platforms are available for data tracking, including products by HubSpot, Salesforce, and Monday. In the following healthcare marketing examples, we’ll explore the power of Google data tracking tools.

Google Search Console

SEO plays an important role in all the healthcare marketing examples we’ve featured, but it involves much more than keywords. To successfully implement an SEO strategy, it’s crucial that healthcare marketers optimize website data, too. You can use schema to make your website more visible to search engines, and Google Search Console will help you evaluate your efforts.

Google Analytics

Identify marketing trends that matter with Google Analytics, a free tool that tracks data on your website. Key metrics you can analyze include new and returning visitors, traffic sources, landing page performance, and bounce rate. Most of the most inspirational healthcare marketing examples get their proof from Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager

You can easily track the measurement codes on your website or app with Google Tag Manager. Between multi-environment testing and customizable data tracking, Google Tag Manager offers healthcare marketers more agility and collaborative possibility. The following healthcare marketing examples will show you Google Tag Manager in action:

FAQs about healthcare marketing examples

These healthcare marketing examples are exciting, but there’s still much more to learn. Keep reading to get simple answers to your questions about marketing in the healthcare industry.

What is included in healthcare marketing?

Marketing in the healthcare industry includes any print or digital effort that promotes brands offering health and wellness services and products. Healthcare marketing examples include the following:

  • Paid ads
  • Rebranding
  • Content creation
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media marketing

There is no universal approach or formula for a strong marketing strategy. Healthcare marketing services that deliver the best results are customized to fit each brand and its target audience.

What are marketing strategies for healthcare?

Marketing strategies for healthcare are comprehensive communications plans that help healthcare organizations meet their business goals. The strategic healthcare marketing examples described above each do the following:

  • Center patient needs
  • Take an omnichannel approach
  • Support the healthcare brand’s specific business goals

Healthcare marketing strategies must evolve with the market. The healthiest strategies stay effective through frequent auditing and marketing analytics tracking.

What is social marketing in healthcare?

Social marketing refers to the use of healthcare marketing to influence public health. For example, wellness organizations have used marketing tools to encourage behaviors that curb the spread of Covid 19, raise breast cancer awareness, and improve children’s physical health.

Healthcare marketing is ultimately the way medical organizations meet their business goals. But as all healthcare marketing examples show, the communications medical marketers produce help patients get the education and healthcare they need.

These healthcare marketing examples are just the beginning

The healthcare brands above achieved their desired results by giving patients the care they need. Our healthcare marketing agency helped these brands refine and carry the right message through effective channels.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, let us deliver the business outcomes your medical organization and community want to see:

  • Does your healthcare organization lack an internal marketing team?
  • If you have an in-house marketing team, does your team struggle to meet deadlines?
  • Are your marketing efforts often spontaneous or incoherent?
  • Are competitors winning your patients?
  • Have you changed your health brand’s goals, services, or target audience?

Affirmative responses to these questions suggest that your current marketing efforts aren’t working or your business is entering a new growth phase. Either way, your healthcare marketing is in need of a fresh perspective and new strategy.

Experience the power of healthcare marketing

Here’s what we want these healthcare marketing examples to show you:

  • Digital marketing in healthcare is no gimmick. The data proves it. The blueprints work when put in the hands of a true digital architect.
  • The best healthcare marketing examples are complex. Medical brands that take an omnichannel approach get the best results.
  • Definition and targeting drive success. When brands can isolate their goals and target the right audience, their healthcare marketing delivers.

The marketing experts at TBH Creative are on top of the healthcare industry and digital marketing trends, and we’re ready to unleash our expertise. If you liked the healthcare marketing examples featured in this article, get in touch.

Let’s talk about how our award-winning digital marketing will bring you better leads, more patients, and higher revenue.