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The landscape of content marketing is changing with each minute.

As social media’s popularity increases, the number of companies trying to reach customers through these channels increases too.

If marketers want to help companies stand out from the competition, they need to focus on engaging with target audiences in interactive and authentic ways. There’s no more effective way to do that than video marketing, the type of outreach with the most significant growth and the most flexibility.

Here are eight types of video marketing techniques to bump up your digital marketing game.

Every single day people watch five billion hours of Youtube and 100 million hours of Facebook videos.

In 2017, video rose to the top of the list of most popular marketing tactics. As a result, these days video is used for more than just entertainment. It’s a platform to share how people connect, how teams support, and how companies delight customers. Today’s videos do more than just build brand awareness.
More than 50% of people want to see videos from brands … more than any other type of content, according to HubSpot Research.
Thinking about upping your video marketing game? Before you begin filming your first video, figure out what type best suits your needs.

Types of Marketing Videos


Showcase how your product works and explains to the consumer why your product or service is the one they should choose. For example, take Dollar Shave Club. Their demo spot only took a single day to shoot and $4,500. It went viral in 72 hours and over 26 million people watched the promo.

Brand Videos

Explain to viewers your company’s vision, mission, products, or services. Build awareness and intrigue your target audience with insights about who you are as a company. Founders Brewing Company created a video to share the journey of how their brewers grew their business after years of struggling.

Live Videos

Live videos give your audience a behind-the-scenes, authentic look at the inner workings of your company. People tend to watch live videos longer and engage with them more. For inspiration, check out Benefit. Their marketing team does a great job of using weekly live video streams to share new products/offers and answer questions—in real time—from those tuning in.

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Event Videos

Want to get more people to head to your next conference, lecture, sermon, or charity event? Gather footage from your event and produce a highlight reel. To get a taste of how this can be done, watch the 2018 recap of the Inbound Conference.

Expert Interviews

Demonstrate thought leadership with Q&A videos. Consider filming an interview with an expert or influencer in your company or industry to build trust with your target audience. In the following example, Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose discusses how doing the “small things” in business pays off in the end.

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Explainer Videos

The purpose of this video is to educate your audience on why they need your product or service. Breaking down exactly what you will do for them and how will have them understand how your service will solve their dilemmas. Take the Spotify US Launch Video. It clearly breaks down what the service is, how it is intended to work, and why a consumer requires it.

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Animated Videos

For those hard to grasp ideas, hit the drawing board (literally) and animate the process. These videos should provide strong visuals to fully and clearly explain the complex product or service.

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Case Study/Testimonial Videos

Your audience wants to know that your service can guarantee that it will solve their specific problem. What better way than creating case study videos that feature the stories of satisfied customers? This Steve and Kate’s Camp video shows how your satisfied customers can advocate for you and share why your product or service is among the best.

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Engaging and entertaining your target audience is essential. The days of reading long social posts and emails are fading fast. You can stay at the top of your game and keep the attention of your customers’ attention with video.

Get Started: Video Creation Tools

New to the video world and not sure if you want to make a big investment in software or tools? Check out these resources to get started on your next video–for free!
    • Use Promo the next time you’re looking for a free platform to create customized videos for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn ads.
    • Looking to create everything from social graphics to short videos? Adobe Spark is a free and easy resource to help take your ideas and turn them into visual stories.
    • Create video content in minutes with Biteables endless template-based software options.
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