With the growing consumption of video content over the last few years, healthcare marketing videos are an excellent medium for educating patients, explaining complicated procedures, and helping people connect to your healthcare practice.

From quick clips to feature-length content, videos and other interactive assets can elevate your healthcare marketing storytelling and allow you to drive better engagement through inbound campaigns, paid ads, social media, and on your website.

Read on for five proven tips for creating and promoting healthcare marketing videos to increase your brand awareness and help you attract more new patients to your practice.


Create video content that stands out from your competition

Healthcare is a very competitive space, so marketers must be creative and strategic to help their businesses stand out in a crowded field. One way to do that is to create compelling content that helps your healthcare practice connect with its target audience in a relatable way.

Healthcare is complicated, and medical conditions and treatments can be confusing or even scary for patients. They look to the experts for clear, easy-to-understand information that can help them understand complicated topics and get solutions to their problems.

But while the content should be straightforward, healthcare marketing videos don’t need to be boring. The key is to choose topics that potential patients care about, then tackle them in a creative, memorable way.


Educate your audience and become the authority on your topic

doctor creating online video content
Healthcare providers can share valuable content in their specific areas.

Using healthcare marketing videos to share valuable information that genuinely helps your audience can build your practice up as an authority in your space.

For example, a podiatry office could create a series of helpful videos about home remedies to treat plantar fasciitis. While telling people to treat their condition at home may seem counterintuitive, this is a great way to add value to the audience and increase brand awareness for your practice.

With educational content, you’re sometimes playing a long game, but it can pay off in the end with a more engaged, loyal audience.


Share patient testimonials and stories

Featuring patient stories in your healthcare marketing videos strengthens your credibility and puts new potential patients at ease when making an important decision about their healthcare.

If someone is on the fence about getting surgery or trying an innovative new treatment, patient marketing that uses storytelling can help reassure them that others just like them have gone through the same thing successfully. Hearing the story of a patient who got help with a similar health problem can motivate them to want the same outcome for themself. Seeing the person’s face in a healthcare marketing video can make it feel even more authentic and personal.

OrthoIndy healthcare marketing videos on their patient stories page
OrthoIndy uses healthcare marketing videos to add interest to their website’s patient stories page.

Here are a few tips for building a content library of testimonial healthcare marketing videos:

  • Ask doctors, physical therapists, and other providers for great patient success stories.
  • Watch for mentions of your practice on social media to find patients telling their stories and see if they’re willing to share on camera.
  • Check online reviews on sites (like Google or HealthGrades) to identify patients satisfied with their care and may be willing to talk about it.

Help patients get to know your team

The marketing materials a healthcare practice uses reflects their professionalism and level of care in the eyes of the audience. The more people can get to know your team and learn about your services and qualifications beforehand, the more comfortable they’ll feel making an appointment.

Healthcare marketing videos of your doctors and staff will familiarize your patients with their care team. These videos can provide information about their qualifications, experience level, and even personal tidbits or fun facts.

Screengrab of one of Logansport Memorial Hospital's service line webpages with professional headshots of their doctors

Provide shareable healthcare tips on social media

More people now get news and information from social media than other sources, including healthcare information. Conversations are happening online every day that your healthcare business can (and should) contribute to. In fact, at the start of 2020, Twitter conversations about health and wellness increased by 54%.

People will read blogs and watch videos about healthcare and medical topics from all sources—credible and otherwise. To meet people where they are with reliable, valuable content that educates and informs.

One of the best ways to make sure people see your healthcare marketing videos is to share them on social media. You can even invest in social ad campaigns that allow you to target relevant population groups to ensure your message is getting through to the right people.

FAQs about healthcare marketing videos

Over our many years working with healthcare clients, we get a lot of questions about digital marketing for doctors and hospitals and how to use healthcare marketing videos effectively. Read on for a few of those frequently asked questions.

How can video be used effectively for healthcare?

High-quality, engaging content can help answer questions that people have about essential healthcare topics. Video is an effective medium for this, as information can be audibly and visually shared. This makes it a great way to convey detailed information that can be more easily digested by different types of learners.

How do I advertise my medical products using healthcare marketing videos?

Video is a great way to advertise both products and services. You can share your information organically via your website or social media or use paid ads to run more targeted campaigns. Video can be a good format option for running campaigns on a platform like Facebook Ads.

What should healthcare marketing videos include?

Healthcare marketing videos are great for storytelling and brand awareness and can be used as an effective lead generation tool. You can improve your search engine ranking by optimizing your videos for search. Be sure to include a caption and description summary with relevant keywords included.

Video marketing is here to stay

In a December 2021 survey of marketers, 93% say video has helped them increase brand awareness. With more people than ever before turning to online videos to learn and research products and services, consider healthcare marketing videos a valuable, strategic addition to your healthcare marketing plan.

Partner with an award-winning healthcare marketing agency

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