Happy Thanksgiving from TBH Creative. It’s hard to believe that 2022 is almost over. During this 18th year as an Indianapolis web design and digital marketing agency, we’ve expanded our services and skills, earned some awards, and launched several redesigned websites, new paid ad campaigns, and more.

Among these accomplishments, it’s seeing our clients grow their businesses—based on the work we’ve done together—that brings us the greatest joy.

As a small business, nothing is quite as satisfying as looking at the data and discovering how some of our work with partners has enabled them to delight current customers and nurture leads.

Celebrating our many reasons to be thankful

During a TBH Creative staff retreat day earlier this fall, we began planning internally for 2023. We couldn’t spend time looking forward, however, without also looking back.

Keep reading to view our reflections on what fills us with gratitude this Thanksgiving—both on the job and in life.

Why the TBH Creative team is grateful this year

Katie, VP of operations

The list is truly endless. My family’s health, quality time with loved ones, friendships new and old, the opportunity to learn every day, working with a team of incredibly smart and talented coworkers turned friends, and the clients we serve.

Lilly, web and marketing assistant coordinator

My wonderful family, loving boyfriend, purrfect kitty cat, an awesome team I get to work with every day, the opportunity to tackle grad school, and continuous learning and growth.

Kayleigh, lead web developer

I’m thankful that I get to spend the holiday with my family and for everything in my life that brings me happiness and security.

John, software engineer

I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends. It is always a great time when we get together during the holidays. We love to play games, enjoy meals, and spend time catching up.

Ed, brand design strategist

After reanimating, I lived to see my youngest daughter marry, my eldest daughter deliver our first grandchild, and my middle son play to a packed house at the Vogue. Quite thankful on those fronts and many more.

Joy, content specialist

There are way too many things to list but at the top of my list of things I’m thankful for are my wonderful family, great friends, fun coworkers, and Wordle.

Nicole, content writer

This year, I’m especially thankful for my three best friends of 30+ years. Through all life’s ups and downs, we have been there for each other. When we’re together and when we’re apart, I know I can count on their support, laughter, tears, and love.

Kevin, pay-per-click manager

I’m thankful for my fiancée and look forward to the future we’re building together.

Pat, web designer

A.I. image enhancers, fun design projects, newfound serif fonts, my daughter’s first school grades, and “family” (like how Vin Diesel says it).

Holly, graphic designer

Fulfilling work, support from good friends and family, and a warm, colorful fall have reminded me that letting go can be a beautiful thing.

Rie, web designer

I am grateful for all of the wonderful projects and for Tatum and the team for always being gracious and reliable. I am also thankful for God’s love, faithfulness, and wisdom. I learned important lessons through some life challenges.

Brad, VP of technology

My amazing wife, kids, family, friends, and overall health. Looking forward to watching my kids grow and spending time with family over the holidays.

Tatum, president/founder

I am thankful for my two beautiful girls, my supportive husband, my family, this team at TBH Creative, many little things that are easy to take for granted, and all of the opportunities and growth that I have been privileged to experience this year.

To all our partners: Thank you.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of your team.

As you think about your successes this year and start to make your 2023 marketing plans, we’d love to help. Reach out and set a time to talk with Tatum to get our team’s best recommendations to ensure your marketing investment helps you reach your business goals.