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6 tips to improve your website storytelling

illustration: web storytelling, when done right, can inspire your customers

Customers are constantly bombarded with messages from businesses. To stand out among the constant chatter, you must write website copy that engages people on an emotional level and tells stories that are relatable, inspiring, and memorable. The most effective website storytelling builds strong connections with your audience and establishes a foundation for brand loyalty and […]

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Steal these photoshoot planning tips to get the perfect shot

Are your photos telling the right story about your company? Visual content is powerful, so powerful that human brains can process a picture 60,000 times quicker than some words. Not all marketing photography is created equal, though. Researchers have found that customers connect with images they feel are authentic. These “real” shots, in fact, have […]

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Creating an experience for your users with website images

Stop for a moment, and think about your customers and what they need. Pretend you’re traversing the internet and looking for an orthopedic hospital, searching for a software solution, trying to find hardwood flooring for your home, or maybe even hunting for a new church. If you’re like most people, at some point in your […]

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Image is everything: Put YOUR stock to work for YOU

We all know the hustle. Business owners, especially, are generally quick to make decisions because there are a thousand more decisions to be made in just one day. So, when it comes to selecting images that represent your company and the culture, you hit up one of those stock sites, enter ‘relevant’ search terms, fill […]

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