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Stop for a moment, and think about your customers and what they need.

Pretend you’re traversing the internet and looking for an orthopedic hospital, searching for a software solution, trying to find hardwood flooring for your home, or maybe even hunting for a new church.

If you’re like most people, at some point in your journey, you’ll start to visualize what this solution, product, or location might look like.

Whether or not you realize it, your brain will take cues from the website design, the quality of its copy and call-to-action prompts, and graphics—from photos to icons and illustrations.

Investing in good website imagery can help you grow your business

Put your marketing hat on and think about website imagery from the perspective of who you’re trying to reach.

What inferences do you feel you can safely leave to your target audience? What feelings do your website’s current images convey? Are you sending a complete and accurate visual message about your business and its brand? Are you relying solely on your website copy to do the heavy lifting?
Tip: Go check out the website of a business that you know well and from where you often shop (e.g., Target). Does the company’s website and its images align with your in-store experiences?
Now look at your company’s website images, and answer these questions about your business website’s imagery:
  • How are your site’s images falling short? What would make them better?
  • Do your website images help to make your site feel niche and exclusive or are they more stocky and generic?
If you’re relying on your website to create a visually memorable and inviting introduction to your business, your visuals should:
  • Show your actual establishment and staff
  • Support your brand
  • Feel relevant to your target audiences
When you’re aiming to create an experience with your website images, make it worth your audience’s time. Give your target audience a reason to feel like your business is going to provide the best solution to their problem, whether that’s a service that will help them meet an important business need or a product that helps them out personally.
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