Client: Yoo Direct Health

Alternatives to traditional healthcare keep increasing in demand, making it harder for functional and aesthetic medicine pioneers, like Yoo Direct Health, to stand out. Knowing they needed an enhanced healthcare brand identity that better matched who they are now and how they want to be perceived in the future to attract new patients, Yoo Direct Health teamed up with TBH Creative for a total rebrand.

The shared goal of this partnership was to overhaul the entire brand identity package to accurately tell Yoo Direct Health’s story across all marketing efforts, including its comprehensive website redesign.

The solution

TBH Creative’s brand development work for Yoo Direct Health included:

  • Discovery, ideation, and strategy
    • Persona research
    • Mood board exploration
    • Brand personality analysis
  • Visual identity transformation
    • Logo system framework
    • Font selection
    • Icon creation
    • Color palette development
    • Design elements
    • Photography direction
  • Content framework
    • Tagline writing
    • Voice and tone guidelines

Launch date: May 2024

“TBH has been a great partner and really helped us think strategically about our brand as a whole and not just look at the task we were looking to accomplish.”

Min Yoo, Chief Operating Officer, Yoo Direct Health

Yoo Direct Health’s chief operating officer Min Yoo shared insights about the brand redesign project. His responses–below–have been condensed.

What did you think about the process of redesigning Yoo Direct Health’s healthcare brand identity?

Yoo: Yoo Direct Health’s new logo represents one of our most significant and visible marketing investments to date. It was great and much different from how I thought this type of marketing project would go. 

Our rebrand initiative was strategic and based on who we were, who we weren’t, and how to best tell our story and connect with Yoo Direct Health’s ideal customers.

You weren’t sure Yoo Direct Health needed to rebrand when we started our partnership. Are you glad you went ahead with this work?

Yoo: Yes, it was necessary and turned out to be a wise investment. This rebranding is pivotal for our continued growth and competitive edge in the marketplace.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to others looking for a creative branding agency?

Yoo: Working with an agency is an investment, so we interviewed three or four other marketing companies throughout our selection process. We chose TBH Creative because they stood out as the most thorough and offered a comprehensive approach.

“Yoo Direct Health rebrand project was one of our favorites in 2023. As we learned more and more about their practice, we knew the current brand didn’t properly represent them. It was really fun to watch them learn more about the impact of their brand and create something totally new and fresh to take them into the future.”

Tatum Hindman, Owner, TBH Creative

Examples of the brand identity