Client: Be Like Bill

Less than 10% of sudden cardiac arrest victims outside of hospitals survive. Be Like Bill, a nonprofit organization based in central Indiana, aims to change that statistic by empowering the community with resources (more AEDs) and support (heart emergency preparedness training). To achieve these goals, the leaders of Be Like Bill reached out to TBH Creative for nonprofit healthcare marketing support.

The result? A revitalized website with clear key messaging and improvements to the identity assets. These deliverables are the first step to equipping Be Like Bill’s team to achieve its mission to help turn everyday people into lifesavers.

The solution—

TBH Creative’s nonprofit healthcare marketing work for Be Like Bill included:

  • Brand expansion
    • Font and color selection
    • Logo refinement
    • Tagline creation
    • Business card and notecard design
  • Website design
  • Website content writing and information organization
  • Web development and CMS setup

Launch date: January 2024

Be Like Bill nonprofit healthcare marketing website


Members of Be Like Bill’s executive board of directors—Bill Schlies and Jeff Utzinger—answered questions about this nonprofit healthcare marketing project. Their responses, below, have been condensed.

Why did Be Like Bill decide to redesign its website and upgrade its branding? Why was this an important project?

Utzinger: As we’ve grown our organization, we knew our website and content would need to be improved. We have done a lot of great work over the last couple of years, and we needed to incorporate our stories and events in a much more dynamic way to spread our mission to the markets we serve. 

Before our website redesign, it was only a repository of information. Improving our online presence and nonprofit healthcare marketing assets was a big goal that our board of directors felt was required. 

What were you looking for when evaluating web design firms to help you with your project? 

Schlies: We were looking for a firm that could get behind our mission and goals, and being a non-profit, it was necessary that an agency we partnered with would have the passion for our work. 

Additionally, we wanted a firm that treated the project as a partnership and valued the relationship as we moved throughout the project. 

Lastly, we wanted a firm with an extremely high level of service while holding us accountable for meeting the expectations needed to produce a best-in-class product. TBH Creative exceeded those expectations and went above and beyond on every aspect of the project.

Be Like Bill nonprofit healthcare marketing business cards

With so many Indianapolis web design companies, why did you pick TBH Creative as your partner?

Utzinger: We loved the approach the TBH took as we went through our initial nonprofit healthcare marketing discussions with them. To us, this was more than just having a company redesign our website and marketing initiatives. There are a lot of companies that can do that work. 

Schlies: The differentiator for us was how they took us through the process (what we were trying to accomplish and our goals) and, most importantly, where we bought in and vested. That was what set TBH Creative apart. 

What do you think of the new site? What do you think of the brand changes/improvements? 

Utzinger: The new site is truly amazing. While we were excited about the new site’s appearance, it blew away our expectations. 

From the little details we would have never thought of to a complete revamp of significant elements that will deliver our message and help us raise money—the look, feel, and experience the users will get from visiting our site is incredible. 

Would you recommend TBH Creative to others looking for professional web design and branding services?

Schlies: I would tell anyone looking for healthcare marketing or web design services that if they want to work with an agency that truly cares about their customers. TBH Creative is professional in everything they do and deliver, knows web design and branding as well as anyone, and their experts are a lot of fun to work with.

TBH Creative is the only option.