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12 must-know tips and rules for writing website content in 2023

Illustration, hands typing on laptop.

Are you writing website content that makes an impact on your customers? How does your content stack up in today’s competitive online market? Between groundbreaking new AI technologies, Google algorithm updates, shifts in buyer behavior, and a dozen other ever-changing factors, the goalposts are always moving in the content marketing game. Keep reading for 12 […]

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Choosing the right participants: A guide to effective marketing persona interviews

Group of people for marketing persona interviews

So, you’ve got this amazing idea, right? It seemed flawless when you came up with it. But when you put it out there, how can you know for certain it will help you reach your business goals? When campaigns and projects fall short, it’s often because their creators overlooked a crucial factor: the needs of the target audience. Creativity alone won’t cut it when it comes to ensuring your efforts connect, resonate, and convert. That’s why marketing persona interviews play such a pivotal role in the creation of any strategic plan.

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Want the best homepage content? Follow these 5 tips when writing for your website

Hands typing homepage content using a laptop keyboard

What prospects see and read on your website determines whether they dig deeper or (click the back button) when they visit your virtual front door. So, what kind of impression is your current homepage content making?

Problem-solving is the main reason users visit websites. Designing and writing your homepage to ensure visitors can access information and resources quickly is critical for online marketing success.

Thoughtful, carefully-crafted copy on your homepage—paired with marketing best practices—holds the key to capturing attention, conveying information, and building connections with your target audiences.

While intuitive navigation, clean design, and fast download speeds are all essential components of a good website experience, this blog will focus specifically on writing the words and phrases that will resonate with your audience and help you achieve your goals.

Keep reading to learn the strategies and tactics for writing homepage content that engages and converts.

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How to (not) sound like a robot: content marketing in the age of AI writing tools

Illustration man holding pencil standing on paper on top of laptop.

Is your team using (or considering using) AI writing tools to develop marketing content? If so, you’re in good company.

A recent survey by Aira found that nearly 59% of marketers surveyed already use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to optimize their existing content. However, the same study uncovered that only 13% of marketers believe AI-generated content is indistinguishable from human-generated content.

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9 practical examples of how to add internal content enablement into your marketing strategy

Digital marketing internal content enablement graphic.

While most marketers make significant investments in strategies for creating and distributing fresh content, some overlook creating a plan to leverage a valuable secondary audience: the internal team. However, if you want a leg up on the competition, thinking about ways to get more from each campaign with internal content enablement tactics is essential.

Because so much of a marketing team’s great work happens behind the scenes, the rest of the organization often has no idea what they’re up to—or why they should care. Content, in particular, can be a major blindspot within companies of all shapes and sizes.

But while employees outside of marketing don’t necessarily need to know “how the sausage is made,” they should be aware of what’s going out to the market. And the easier you make it for internal stakeholders to discover your marketing resources like blogs, ebooks, guides, videos, etc., the more likely they are to share them with their networks.

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