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Attract and retain patients with a robust healthcare content strategy

healthcare content strategy

A robust healthcare content strategy is paramount for large healthcare organizations wanting to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry.

If you are a marketing director or CMO of a healthcare organization, you have probably experienced the challenge of managing the shifting landscapes of healthcare marketing this year. With advancing technologies and evolving customer expectations on the horizon, 2024 promises more of the same.

A well-defined healthcare content strategy ensures that healthcare organizations disseminate accurate, timely, and relevant information to patients in the smartest and most effective ways possible.

We know how challenging it can be to create and execute digital healthcare marketing efforts that produce the desired outcome: attracting and retaining patients. So, we’ve written this blog for you. We aim to provide you with actionable insights and a patient engagement strategy that supports and elevates your healthcare content strategy.

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Creative social media marketing strategies to boost your ROI

social media marketing strategies

Are our social media marketing strategies moving the needle? Are we gaining any new customers from our social channels? These are frequently asked by marketing leaders who need help to see the business value of social media.

While 75% of CMOs say they’re under increased pressure to “do more with less,” social media can be a great marketing channel to focus on. With the right approach, you can squeeze out more value from social and reach a wider audience for minimal investment.

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6 time-saving hacks for building out your 2024 blog calendar

blog calendar

We regularly hear from our partners that (while they understand the importance of consistently publishing relevant, SEO-friendly blog content) their team struggles to find the time. Fortunately, with a well-planned blog calendar—and a few of our trusty tips—you can save precious time and execute a more efficient and effective blogging strategy.

Keep reading for some time-saving hacks for planning and developing a content calendar that’s chock-full of great blog ideas that will make an impact on your business in 2024 and beyond.

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The art of inclusive writing: How to use language that reaches everyone

marketer using inclusive writing while drafting ideas for marketing campaign

How well does your digital marketing content follow best practices for inclusive writing? Does it meet website accessibility standards?

If the answer is no to either or both of those questions (or you’re just not sure), don’t fret. Effective content marketing requires ongoing learning and the willingness to adapt to industry and cultural changes. The fact that you’re reading this blog article shows that inclusion and accessibility are on your mind, and you’re open to making improvements.

Keep reading for some helpful tips, online tools, and trusted resources. These recommendations can help you level up your marketing with more inclusive writing and accessible content experiences.

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12 must-know tips and rules for writing website content in 2024

Illustration, hands typing on laptop.

Are you writing website content that makes an impact on your customers? How does your content stack up in today’s competitive online market? Between groundbreaking new AI technologies, Google algorithm updates, shifts in buyer behavior, and a dozen other ever-changing factors, the goalposts are always moving in the content marketing game. Keep reading for 12 […]

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