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9 practical examples of how to add internal content enablement into your marketing strategy

Digital marketing internal content enablement graphic.

While most marketers make significant investments in strategies for creating and distributing fresh content, some overlook creating a plan to leverage a valuable secondary audience: the internal team. However, if you want a leg up on the competition, thinking about ways to get more from each campaign with internal content enablement tactics is essential.

Because so much of a marketing team’s great work happens behind the scenes, the rest of the organization often has no idea what they’re up to—or why they should care. Content, in particular, can be a major blindspot within companies of all shapes and sizes.

But while employees outside of marketing don’t necessarily need to know “how the sausage is made,” they should be aware of what’s going out to the market. And the easier you make it for internal stakeholders to discover your marketing resources like blogs, ebooks, guides, videos, etc., the more likely they are to share them with their networks.

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Steal these battle-tested ChatGPT tricks to create chatbot conversation flows your website users will love

example of a website user viewing the greeting from a company’s chatbot conversation flow

Your website is the first impression that many of your customers will have of your business. And while there are plenty of ways to optimize your site for maximum engagement, one of the most effective is to add a chatbot. But if you’re not a natural wordsmith, the thought of writing smooth responses can be daunting (and time-consuming). So, how can you create chatbot conversation flows with responses that are engaging, informative, and effective?

When you know a lot about your customers but are short on time, the simplest solution might be to use one of the best AI tools for marketing writing—like ChatGPT—to whip up fitting responses. If you’ve never used a virtual writing assistant before, figuring out how to use this type of resource might feel intimidating. But guess what? Automated, smart writing tools are here to help, not hinder.

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How to use AI tools for marketing, like ChatGPT, Jasper, and MidJourney

AI tools for marketing

In 1989’s Batman movie, there’s a scene where the Caped Crusader rescues Vicki Vale using a fancy zipline gun, then Joker snarls and says, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” That famous scene comes to mind whenever I hear one of our clients ask us about using AI tools for marketing.

Since many AI technologies are open source, new options seem to be released every other day. It’s no wonder that writing helpful and rank-worthy content and creating fresh images in this age of automation feels so perplexing.

Keep reading to discover what I learned and learn about the pros and cons of using AI tools for marketing, such as Grammarly, ChatGPT, Jasper, Headline Studio, MidJourney, DALL-E, TinyPNG, etc.

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