Client: Indiana Learns

The Mind Trust and Department of Education partnered with TBH Creative on a grant program web design project to promote Indiana Learns, a program providing financial support to families of eligible 4th and 5th graders.

When your child falls behind at school, it’s overwhelming—especially if it happens due to a disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic. The Indiana Learns website not only empowers the loved ones of struggling students by helping them get the resources they need but also provides details about the approval process with community and learning partners.

The solution—

TBH Creative’s work for Indiana Learns included:

  • Website planning and site architecture
  • Web design and responsive web development
  • Up-to-date news for current program initiatives
  • Quick access to check student’s eligibility
  • Spanish translation
  • Website production, training, and quality assurance testing
Launch date: November 2022
Program web design examples from the Indiana Learns website


TBH Creative chatted via email about our projects with Indiana Learns’ Alli Vanneman, manager of marketing and engagement. Her responses—below—have been condensed.

What does your team think of the new site?

Vanneman: We are so excited about the new website. It is engaging and looks great.

How will you use the website to support the initiative?

Vanneman: We hope that the grant program web design makes it easy for families to get the resources they need.

The website is intended to provide information about the program and drive users to our platform, where they can check eligibility for the program, sign up, and receive tutoring services.

You had never worked on a website project like this before. How did TBH Creative keep the project on track?

Vanneman: TBH Creative was very helpful in explaining the project to us and helping us understand every step of the web design and development process. They answered our many questions with patience and care!

Would you recommend TBH Creative to others looking for a professional web design agency to help with grant program website development?

Vanneman: We would absolutely recommend them to others who need grant program web design services. Building a new website from scratch is a big task. TBH Creative supported us throughout the whole process.

Celebrating the successful launch

Whether it’s a redesign, campaign, or an award win, we always like to take a moment to recognize all of the hard work that goes into a web design project. Custom stickers by Sticker Mule.

Celebrating the Indian Learns launch with cookies, custom stickers from Sticker Mule, buttons, and handwritten notes