New Song Mission has been a client of TBH Creative’s since 2008. As a small, not-for-profit organization they kept their site design and content management system as long as possible. Over time, they realized that the site had become hard to update and difficult for their users. They knew it was time for an updated design and wanted to make sure they could manage the site well into the future to save costs and maximize use of their website.

New Website for New Song Mission on laptop
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Barb Ruess, TBH Creative Project Manager & Content Developer notes, “It’s not uncommon for organizations—particularly non-profits—to squeeze a few extra years out of an old website. The upgrade, however, often pays for itself with less staff time required for site maintenance and a more effective marketing communication tool.”

The first order of business was to reorganize the site architecture. Over time the menus had become cluttered and it was difficult to find information. Once the site map was set, it was time to fine tune the content and design to hone in on key issues and calls to action. New Song Mission is supported by donations and volunteers. It is critical that their website communicates their mission and inspires action from its audience while also connecting with the population they serve—families and caregivers of children in troubled homes who are in need of long-term, residential care.

Website Wireframes for New Song Mission - Planning Stage
Wireframes created during the planning stage for the New Song Mission new website.


  • Website strategy to help the team at New Song define their goals and how the website can help meet them. We also provided additional direction on email marketing and use of social media.
  • Full redesign that enhances the brand, connects with their different target audiences and elicits action. Included responsive coding so that the website communicates effectively on any device.
  • Upgraded Content Management System (CMS) with multiple functionalities for easy management helping New Song truly maximize their new website resource.
  • Integration with third party services for donation collections.

What worked best in this project?

When dealing with a site that is nearly eight years old, there can be a number of complications. However, when the organization truly understands the benefits of overhauling the website both behind the scenes and with a fresh design, the results are stunning. This redesign was a big change for New Song Mission and one they were ready to embrace with our guidance.

Each year we like to reach out and work with nonprofit organizations on a pro-bono level. When we heard New Song Mission’s passion for their cause, we knew we could make a big impact with a fresh design and upgraded, more functional content management system. Our goal was to build a site they can use for years to come.

Future Plans

  • Email marketing and strategic use of social media are excellent tools for an organization such as New Song Mission, and we have made recommendations to help them further shares news and Christian inspiration.
  • New video content would be another impactful tool for this site and was accounted for during the design planning stage.

What did the customer think of the project and their new website?

Bob Schloss from New Song Mission - Testimony for New Website by TBH Creative
Robert Schloss, Founder and Executive Director
We absolutely love the new website. It’s very contemporary, clean, and robust. We are already getting positive results from some of our supporters and the site was only launched this week. We also love the functionality of the CMS—our Office Manager feels like it’s going to be very user friendly, which is important to me. The TBH team was extremely easy to work with. We appreciated very much how they readily incorporated our ideas and thoughts into the website design. And we’re thankful for their patience with us, and how the gently pushed us along to get things done on our end. Finally, the TBH team was very conscientious—you could tell that creating a great web site was really important to them.

~ Robert Schloss, Founder and Executive Director

About New Song Mission

New Song Mission, a 501(c)(3) non profit Christian ministry, is a children’s home campus unlike any other in the State of Indiana. Located in the scenic hills of Brown County, our purpose is to rebuild the lives of fatherless, neglected, and impoverished children so that they will feel loved and become equipped to fulfill God’s wonderful purpose for their lives.

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TBH Creative has worked with countless not-for-profit organizations over the years, and we would love to put our experience to work for your organization too. The New Song Mission project is a great example of the difference we can help make with your online communication—a website is a powerful tool. Contact us for more information about our design and marketing services.