Happy holidays!

Before closing the books on 2022 and welcoming new beginnings in 2023, we wanted to share a few of the festive ways that TBH Creative’s team plans to celebrate during December. Plus, we also reveal which gifts made our “best ever” list and humble brag about some of our proudest accomplishments from the past year.

Keep reading for specifics.

Favorite traditions

Lilly, web and marketing assistant coordinator

Growing up, every year, my grandma and mom used to always find us the cutest holiday pajamas (or sometimes even make them). Now that they’ve both passed, I keep the tradition going with my siblings. We gift each other fun pajamas to keep their memory alive.

Christmas pjs

Katie, VP of operations

Christmas eve is my favorite. My family enjoys a quiet meal, then we put on our new snuggly jammies (delivered by Poppy the Elf) before reading new books by the tree and watching a movie while the fireplace crackles. After putting out cookies, my little girls hurry off to bed—very excited—so St. Nick can come.

LEGO Christmas tree

Pat, web designer

I call December “LEGO Month.” I try to build as many LEGO sets with my daughter as possible (especially the holiday ones).

Kayleigh, lead web developer

The holidays aren’t complete until my husband and I dedicate one night to making lasagna, then watching our favorite Christmas movies: Die Hard and Gremlins.

Ed, brand design strategist

I like to take each of my children out individually for a Christmas lunch at a nice restaurant. At those lunches when they were younger, it was all about questions and listening. I always marveled at the capacity of thinking a child possesses if asked the right question.

Blue Christmas lights

Brad, VP of technology

I always decorate our home with blue Christmas lights.

John, software engineer

I look forward to spending Christmas eve with my family.

Nicole, content writer

I look forward to making sugar cookie cutouts with my two sons every Christmas eve. They decorate them—with excessive sprinkles—and pick their favorites to leave out for Santa. We also put a couple of carrots on the plate for the reindeer (or for Santa if he’s on a health kick).

Kevin, pay-per-click manager

The day after Christmas, everyone in my family gets together to eat chili dogs—yum!

Gingerbread house

Rie, web designer

It’s rather a new tradition, but we have been making a gingerbread house with the grandkids.

Holly, graphic designer

Hosting friends and family. Good food and great company—does it get any better?

Tatum, president/founder

I enjoy going to the church service on Christmas eve with my family. It has become a tradition to also get a family picture each year in front of the elaborate decorations they set up. Some of my favorite family pictures are from those Christmas eve nights spent at church.

Best. Gift. Ever.


When I was in college, I planned a surprise trip for my mom and me to travel to Florida for my Grandma’s birthday. It was a great long weekend spent with my mom, great aunt, and great grandma. It might be one of my most cherished memories—minus being chased by a man with a snake around his neck at the Zoo. That memory is not so cherished.


When my nephew was four and my niece was three, I bought Nerf guns for them, their dad, their grandpa, and myself. We were lucky it was an unusually warm day for Christmas that year, so we could have an outdoor battle immediately after all the presents were opened.

NERF gun


Last year, we got our girls a dog for Christmas after telling them, “no, no, no” for a long time—so it was fun to see their excitement and surprise on Christmas morning. And, well, now we have Leo.


A couple of years ago, I was feeling sentimental and wrote heartfelt letters to my family as part of their Christmas presents. It was so special to see their reactions and feel their love.


Last year I got my boyfriend a guitar pick with the first photo we had taken together and a Spotify code to our favorite song. He loves music, playing the guitar, and, of course, me, so it was a perfect mix of things he loves most.


In August 1989, I used all of my summer allowance money to take my little brother to see Ghostbusters 2 for his seventh birthday. I let him order whatever candy he wanted (thank goodness he didn’t get sick!).

What are you most proud of in 2022?


Life and business continue to throw challenges and tough decisions. I’m proud and grateful for the opportunities to continue to learn and grow. There has been a lot of that this year.

Doomsday Clock book


I felt a little glow when I got my hands on a copy of the new book The Doomsday Clock at 75. It’s like a time capsule, capturing a lot of my design work from when I served as the Bulletin’s art director. There’s even an interview with me—exciting!


I’m proud of taking steps to better myself and overcoming the challenges that come along with it.


After losing my mom last summer, it’s been incredibly hard. I miss her every day, but here I am, continuing to grow and learn. I like to think I’m still making her proud.

Leo as a puppy


I’m proud to have finally potty-trained the new family dog, Leo. It only took a year.


I am proud of my husband and my kids. Life throws us some challenges, but they all chose to seek God’s will even though it was difficult for them. And, looking back, they made wise decisions.

Wishing you the best

We hope your new year is filled with blessings of peace, prosperity, and good health. As you think about your successes this year and start to make your 2023 marketing plans, we’d love to help.

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