When an organization goes through big changes, website redesigns are usually close to follow. That’s what happened with the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute. With a new president at the helm and fresh institutional strategy, the IBRI needed a life sciences web design solution that reflected its leadership and updated direction.

Having successfully collaborated with us on website marketing initiatives since 2016—including an award-winning online annual report microsite—Indiana Biosciences Research Institute reached out to TBH Creative for help with their latest website overhaul.

Launch date: March 2022

the mobile and desktop view of IBRI's life sciences web design project


TBH Creative chatted via email about this life sciences web design project with Lisa Soard, IBRI’s director of communications and engagement. Her responses—below—have been condensed.

Why did Indiana Biosciences Research Center hire TBH Creative for help with its life sciences web design project?

Soard: Our new President and CEO Alan Palkowitz, PhD, brought a revitalized strategy to the institute that was not accurately reflected in our previous site, which had been designed over five years ago. We needed a new, modern website that is easy to navigate, vibrant, and dynamic.

What new features do users love the most?

Soard: Users have told me they appreciate many aspects of our site’s new life sciences web design. Specifically, some of the most popular features include our interactive strategy graphic, robust collection of scientific resources, redesigned lab pages, expanded content about working at IBRI and living in Indianapolis, and the custom form for reserving space in our labs and conference center.

“The staff love the our new website. The assistant investigators are very engaged with their lab pages now and more regularly reach out.”

After launching the new life sciences web design project, we collaborated on IBRI’s latest online annual report. How did that project go?

Soard: I have to say that I am also grateful for how quickly TBH Creative stepped in to help with our 2021 annual report microsite. What I thought was close to being finished turned out to need more work, and their team stepped in to finish it right because they would never let us produce something that was just OK. They’ll do what is needed to meet high-quality standards.

What did TBH Creative do to keep the project on track?

The regular email project updates, the web copy planning document, the page-by-page prior to launch, the post-launch punch list, the detailed timeline, the training, the photo templates and optimization guide, the ease of having everything on a Google Drive, the patient and proactive follow-up emails, the “what we need from Lisa” checklists, the brilliant use of spreadsheets!—TBH Creative did so many things to help keep us on track with this life science web design project.

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What sets the best website apart?

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Would you recommend TBH Creative to other organizations looking for life sciences web design support?

Soard: Yes! Yes! Yes! I would tell them that TBH Creative is truly a strategic partner. They really listen—to what you are saying, as well as what may remain unsaid. They are honest with their feedback. If they believe your idea will not achieve your goal, they will professionally explain why and provide an alternate solution. They create custom solutions.

To their name, they are creative. Every team member is delightful. They are a joy to work with; they are so responsive; they meet deadlines, yet also are flexible; they stay on budget; and they are open to feedback.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Soard: One thing I appreciate about working with the TBH Creative team is that they truly are a partner. I know that I can be honest about challenges I may be facing at the office. They have provided feedback about how I might address them.