The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute is a leading, independent applied research organization committed to sparking innovation through collaboration and enabling innovators to translate scientific discovery into improved health outcomes for patients across the nation.

TBH Creative worked closely with the IBRI marketing team to plan, design, and develop an online annual report microsite that is easy to update and:

  • Compliments the print version of the annual report while building on other elements used as part of brand identity
  • Uses new page templates to enhance storytelling while leveraging existing functionality used on the main IBRI website
  • Make it easier to spread the word about IBRI’s significant achievements and successes applying bioscience research to solve big problems

The solution—

TBH Creative’s dynamic annual report web design for IBRI included:

  • Site architecture planning
  • Web content review
  • Modern, responsive website design
  • Web development
  • Content management system theming
  • Training

Launch date: March 2019


TBH Creative chatted via email about this annual report web design project with Mark E. Craft, IBRI’s executive director of engagement, communications, and external affairs. His responses—below—have been condensed.

Why did IBRI decide to make an online version of its annual report?

Mark: The IBRI is an independent applied research institute currently working to slow or eventually stop diabetes and leverage the data from electronic health records to better predict infections and diseases.

We wanted to take advantage of how we can do more on our website to better showcase the groundbreaking research we are doing to improve patient outcomes here in Indiana, the nation, and around the world.

What did TBH Creative do to help IBRI meet its goals for the online annual report project?

Mark: TBH Creative created a microsite design that increased website visitor interactivity and engagement. One of our goals was to personalize the research we are doing by featuring a local eight-year-old boy with diabetes in our print annual report.

TBH Creative was able to take this personalization to the next level on the website by even better relating his story and how he had diabetes since he was a toddler and how he and his parents have coped with that and how there is hope with the promise of research.

What does the IBRI team think of the finished online annual report?

Mark: With its interactive navigation, strategically placed sidebars and graphics, and even a couple of videos, it is easy to read and navigate. It can be skimmed effectively or read in-depth; either way, the microsite visitor gets the key messages regardless of their scientific knowledge.

“TBH created a microsite design that increased website visitor interactivity and engagement.”

What helped make this online annual report project successful?

Mark: The TBH Creative team is extraordinarily creative and they understand audiences. Their strategy, plan and design to take subjects and topics that can be technically difficult to understand and “bring them to life” in ways that make them interesting, exciting, and dynamic while getting the key messages across is their differentiator.

Their insistence to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout while retaining meaning and context is what helped us more effectively tell our story to our diverse stakeholders with varying levels of scientific knowledge.