Campaign Marketing for River Bluff Run
Long-time client, Logansport Memorial Hospital came to us a few months ago with a new project related to their annual River Bluff Run & Fun Walk. Held each October, this event has become an important fundraiser for the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation. Proceeds benefit the LMH Foundation Breast Screening Fund—a fund that supports mammograms for uninsured Cass County Women ages 40 and older. Their previous marketing for this event has been done in-house and they were ready to make some upgrades.

The list of needs for this project exceeded their budget. They knew this and asked us what we could accomplish off their wish list within budget. After reviewing and knowing the cause behind the event, we decided to do the entire list and more as an in-kind donation. It’s a great event, and we were proud to support their efforts at raising awareness and providing breast cancer screenings.

“Because of the trust and confidence I have in TBH Creative’s marketing work that resonates with our consumers and patients, I came to them to see if they would be willing to help me with a new initiative,” says Carmen Danhauser, the Marketing Coordinator for Logansport Memorial Hospital. “Again, they more than exceeded my expectations. Writing, designing, and producing the marketing collateral that focused on print pieces was a different tactic than what I normally asked for from them and what they delivered has captured our community’s heart.”

Our first step was to meet with the marketing team at LMH and develop a promotion strategy to make better use of the Internet, social media and print materials. With that direction established, our team got to work creating a brand and image that will give the annual River Bluff Run more community presence and support.

Event Tagline Graphic: Making Strides. Taking Pride. Moving Towards a Cure.

Project Features

  • Redefining the brand: New event logo, tagline, fonts, color scheme and layout styles
  • Photography art direction
  • Billboard design
  • Print collateral
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Event Website
  • Facebook advertising

What worked best in this project?

The photography was a key element of the new marketing campaign. Breast cancer awareness is an important cause—it affects the lives of women—and we wanted to show that women have a better chance of surviving breast cancer with early detection found from mammograms.The new photos show real woman in the community who have survived breast cancer. The photography approach was warmer and compositions were created to showcase the survivors with their support teams.

These new photos became the foundation of the microsite, collateral and advertising. Using the photos, we were able to create a complete marketing campaign for this event and convey a strong brand message in every element.

New Billboard Design for Event
Newly branded billboard design for hospital event by TBH Creative
Old Billboard Design
This is the billboard from previous years.
Event Newsletter Ad for Campaign
Newspaper Advertisement to help promote the event and celebrate the local survivors.
Event Website Showing Responsive Views
Event Website featuring race details and showcasing the survivors.

LMH’s Danhauser comments, “This mini-campaign focuses on raising breast cancer awareness by featuring three breast cancer survivors and their families who live in our community. From the custom pictures to the new logo and everything in between, our community has responded with pride, admiration and support for these survivors and for our hospital’s efforts. I could not be more grateful to consider TBH Creative as a partner for any and all of my marketing needs.”

The event increased awareness of breast cancer in the community and raised money to cover 18 mammograms for uninsured or underinsured women in Cass County.

About the Logansport Memorial Hospital’s River Bluff Run & Fun Walk

This 5K and fun walk is held each October in Logansport, IN. Proceeds benefit the Foundation’s Breast Screening Fund which provides breast screenings for uninsured Cass County Women ages 40 and older. See the beautiful event website and learn more about this special event.