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Marketing for doctors: 4 ways to attract patients

marketing to doctors

Why does my wrist hurt? What causes red bumps on your skin? Do you really need to drink 64 ounces of water daily? Google is the first stop for 7% of people with health-related questions. But, what can you do to ensure your hospital or healthcare organization is front and center when potential new patients look online for […]

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Healthcare marketing plan: Top 6 ways your medical practice must act now

Marketers at a medical practice working on their healthcare marketing plan

Creating and executing a great healthcare marketing plan is key to attracting and engaging your patients. Healthcare organizations used to rely on word-of-mouth to attract new patients or customers. But today, the experience a potential patient has with your healthcare business most often starts online, where they’re researching you and your competitors to decide on where to […]

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48 astoundingly good hospital websites that deliver for their patients

user checks out a good hospital website on his smartphone

For a growing number of people, the habit of sticking with a provider just because you “like them” is fading away. Today’s patients anticipate excellent service at every point during their healthcare journey. This expectation means having a good hospital website so your practice can provide a satisfying experience online is no longer an optional part of […]

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How to get more ROI from your healthcare website design

Quantifying the return on investment for a healthcare redesign project can be difficult. Not everything is measurable back to dollars. These sites have complex functionality needs, including multiple calls to action, and require HIPAA compliance considerations. Determining what you need requires a delicate balance between time, tasks, and budget. Keep reading to learn which factors […]

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