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Case study: Enhancing the user experience with a redesigned B2B marketing website

desktop view of lushin homepage

Client: Lushin Successful B2B businesses require excellent marketing skills to thrive in the marketplace. If your marketing strategy doesn’t cover the basics, like having an intuitive B2B marketing website, you could be stunting your business’s growth. Lushin, a sales force development company, needed help updating its website design to create general brand uniformity, improve user […]

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Case study: Life sciences web design supports institute’s clinical research

A life sciences researcher views a lab page from IBRI

When an organization goes through big changes, website redesigns are usually close to follow. That’s what happened with the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute. With a new president at the helm and fresh institutional strategy, the IBRI needed a life sciences web design solution that reflected its leadership and updated direction. Having successfully collaborated with us […]

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Case study: Vibrant medical website redesign attracts the right patients

Patient easily finds what he needs from IHTSC after their medical website redesign launched

According to Salesforce, 80% of healthcare customers revealed their patient experience—including online interactions—is as important as the quality of the care they receive from providers, making a medical website redesign essential for any hospital or practice with a site that doesn’t quite deliver. Looking to build a more dynamic, higher-quality website to better match their […]

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