Case study: Vibrant medical website redesign attracts the right patients

Patient easily finds what he needs from IHTSC after their medical website redesign launched

According to Salesforce, 80% of healthcare customers revealed their patient experience—including online interactions—is as important as the quality of the care they receive from providers, making a medical website redesign essential for any hospital or practice with a site that doesn’t quite deliver. Looking to build a more dynamic, higher-quality website to better match their […]

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Case study: Nonprofit website redesign project supports its target audiences

The best nonprofit websites inspire actions that support their missions. These effective sites feature content that is organized and customized to help users—from the people they serve to donors, partners, and other volunteers—get the info and resources they need when they need them. Wanting to elevate their website offerings to expand their reach and simplify […]

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Case study: Membership website revamped with database-driven solution

Good membership websites provide organizations with a direct way to collect dues and communicate with their members, but the very best solutions do even more. They are also designed to meet the needs of prospective members and set up to make it easy for busy organization leaders to handle administrative tasks. Looking to take their […]

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