Client: National Precast Concrete Association

Professionals who belong to associations wear many hats, so every interaction they have with an organization needs to be seamless. Having access to key information online whenever they need it makes busy members much happier. That’s why the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) partnered with TBH Creative on its recent association website design project. 

NPCA provides industry leadership by promoting quality precast concrete products across all markets, addressing industry challenges, and developing opportunities for our members’ success. The new site makes it simple for users to find membership details, company resources, and product specifications.

The solution—

TBH Creative’s work for NPCA included:

  • Audience definition 
  • Web planning (technical specifications and content organization)
  • Site architecture 
  • Custom web design 
  • Responsive web development 
  • Application development (resource center and supplier search)
  • Website training
  • Quality assurance testing

Launch date: November 2023

NPCA website home page

NPCA’s digital content director Heather Bremer answered questions about this association website design project. Her responses—below—have been condensed.

Why did NPCA need a new website? Why was this an important project for your association?

Bremer: The previous website was difficult to navigate, bogged down by outdated content and lacking a modern design and feel. Our members, who play a vital role in rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, needed a site where they could easily find the information and tools that make their work easier and that they could share with their potential project partners to explain the benefits of precast concrete.

Choosing a new partner is a big decision. What factors led you to select TBH Creative for your association website design?

Bremer: TBH Creative came highly recommended as we started our search for a partner in this venture. In our early discussions, they presented an exciting vision for the site and a detailed plan for how we would accomplish our goals. Their location just a few miles from our offices was a bonus, allowing us the opportunity to collaborate face-to-face.

How does your updated website better support NPCA’s website users? What new features will your members appreciate most?

Bremer: The new organizes content specific to the visitor. Producers can find everything they need, from safety tools to production guides, in one place. Specifiers can learn about the benefits of precast concrete or find applicable standards from one central hub.

The site is also optimized for speed, with lightning-quick load times and digital forms that will save members valuable time in submitting information to the association. The revamped “Find Precasters & Suppliers” feature is a huge improvement for our most utilized tool. It’s more attractive and now mobile-friendly. It also features an improved advertising function, elevating the ROI for our advertisers.

How did TBH Creative keep the project on track?

Bremer: TBH Creative provided a detailed timeline for the project, mapping out each step and who was responsible for completing it. They took into consideration the other projects and events we were handling throughout the course of the project. They also sent weekly emails detailing the goals for the week for us and their team. TBH’s team was flexible when the timeline allowed but also made it clear when a task needed to be completed by specific dates to keep the project on track

What’s been the internal response to the redesigned website?

Bremer: Our team at NPCA couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. We’ve received nothing but compliments on the improvements to speed, navigation and design. They are excited to share it with our members and point them to all the great resources that are easier to find.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to other companies looking for a professional web design and development team?

Bremer: TBH Creative was an incredible partner in redesigning a tool that’s vital to our membership and our efforts to elevate awareness of the industry. Their process and planning made the entire venture go smoothly. The team’s communication was top notch, and they were always quick to react to hiccups in our plans with viable solutions. I would highly recommend TBH Creative to any company looking to develop a modern website with a partner with a high level of expertise that also provides an superior level of support throughout the process.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Bremer: I look forward to a continued partnership with TBH Creative in maintaining the new site and developing new features for our membership.

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