In celebration of our ten year anniversary earlier this year (and to play on Kayleigh‘s recent post about how much web design has changed), we thought it would be fun to take a look at TBH Creative over the years.

It is amazing how much web design and development have evolved and improved in a short period. The technology and design/usability continues to get better and better. The power of Internet inbound marketing has sky rocketed, and we are glad to be a part of it. In 2004, a few familiar websites called Facebook and Flickr were just starting out too. Podcasting began that year, and iTunes had only been around since the previous year. These days, 42.3% of the world’s population uses the web.

Just as websites respond, adapt, and connect to the needs and expectations of users, brands also must focus on staying relevant by listening to their customers and anticipating their needs and wants.

Some companies think that the safest thing to do with a brand is to let it be. But at TBH Creative, we believe in active branding. If you don’t speak for your brand, someone else will, which is why it’s been important for TBH Creative to give its brand a voice.

TBH Creative

Take a look below to see TBH Creative’s web design and brand over the years.





We’re not the only company whose branding and presence online has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Here are some before and after examples you might remember from Starbucks.


First impressions count! How you attract, engage, convert customers (and potential customers) online makes a difference.

While changes in aesthetics and technology are two of the obvious reasons to update your website, it’s also important to for businesses to periodically redesign their websites at a deeper level.

Have your business goals changed? Does your website reflect these changes? 

Website are living part of successful businesses, and they should evolve and change as businesses grows, times change, and technology progresses.

If you’re considering updating your website or analyzing your branding efforts, TBH Creative’s team of professionals is here! Our team can help you to update and maintain your website with ease to better meet your business goals. 
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