How to best combine words and graphics
Your website has the potential to be one of your strongest marketing communication tools. How do you reach its potential? Engage your audience by telling them persuasive, authentic stories. One of the best ways to achieve your communication goals is to make sure your website images and copy are working well together.

Let’s learn more about how to best communicate on your website using both images and words…

How to combine graphics and words for impact: aka the infographic

Define infographic: a visual image, often a chart or diagram, that visually communications information, data or knowledge.

A good website communicates its message through both words and images. A better website combines those words and images so that they work together hand-in-hand, not just side-by-side.
Art to Remember example
This example is from a TBH Creative project with a creative company called Art to Remember. As you can see, we didn’t use what many people think of when they think of an infographic. What we did do is work with the client to tell their story visually. To use shorter – but powerful – copy lines that point to the graphics. And graphics that, in turn, reinforce the text.
Learn more about the story behind this project

Storytelling is an excellent way to engage your audience.

Instead of just telling them about your features and benefits you’re illustrating how your features benefit real people. And when you can literally illustrate your stories you can engage your audience on a whole new level. Learn more about the power of storytelling as a marketing communications tool.

Intertwining graphics with your copy lets you reach your audience in multiple ways. It is engaging. It shares important information. And it wraps up a story and an illustration all in one.
Baker Hill Example

How can you combine images and writing to tell the best story? Let us help.

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