From the continued importance of video to mobile-first design, the TBH Creative team wrote a variety of digital marketing articles during the past year, covering the latest news and biggest trends online. 

We spent some time digging into stats in our blog’s Google Analytics account to find out which resources were the most popular, and the results are in.

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How to optimize your website alert banners and keep users in the know

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Learn more about website alert banners.

People are overwhelmed with information daily. When your business has important content that needs to be quickly put out to your audience, how do you present it in a way to guarantee your users will notice? One fix is to use website alert banners.

Alert banners are referred to by various names—such as notification bars, announcement banners, and sticky bars—but these terms all refer to the same thing: any prominent alert on a web page designed to capture user attention.

Find out more about the different types of content for which you might use an alert banner, learn best practices for their design and implementation, and check out real-life examples.


Best digital annual reports of 2021: Get inspired by these websites

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Learn about digital annual reports.

Though the preferred way to share annual report findings varies from company to company, every year more companies are embracing digital annual reports.

Some of the reasons for this format’s popularity is its greater potential reach, more flexible formatting, and added opportunities for interactivity.

The most successful yearly wrap-ups go beyond just sharing essential info about financial standings. They also feature dynamic designs, strong imagery, and moving storytelling to showcase accomplishments from the past year.


Managing your multiple Facebook business locations the right way

Get up to speed quickly and learn how to boost your SEO with this guide to getting the most out of multiple business locations on Facebook.

Even if your business is already on Facebook, there’s a good chance your locations might not be set up correctly—especially if you haven’t made fixes since Facebook launched its multiple locations page feature.

(You know when a business is utilizing this feature when you go to the “locations” tab on their page. After clicking, Facebook will display a map with pinpoints for specific, nearby location pages.)


Dark mode & HTML emails: How to refresh your templates for better UX

Art from TBH Creative
Learn about dark mode HTML emails.

Using black backgrounds is not just a passing design trend.

The “switch to dark mode” feature, once only available in a few apps, is now almost everywhere, even email clients. It’s so popular that a significant portion of your audience likely is already taking advantage of this setting.

Overall, the goal should be to provide a positive experience for all of your users, whether they have a darker display option enabled or not.


Dark mode design: 14 examples of black background websites that work

Art from TBH Creative
Learn about dark mode design.

Have you noticed your screen looks a little darker lately?

You’re not alone. As dark mode design keeps growing in popularity—with operating systems, browsers, and apps—so does its prevalence in web design.

Also called black mode, dark theme, or night mode, dark mode is a design term used to describe any light-on-dark color scheme that many users prefer using in low-light environments. In its most basic iteration, think bold white text on a jet black background.

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