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A lot of work goes into redesigning or creating a new website. Site architecture, content, photos, calls to action, wireframe layouts, design elements… there’s definitely a sense of satisfaction when all of those pieces come together to present your organization in a whole new light. As a savvy marketer knows, however, that work is just the beginning. You cannot simply post a new website and hope that it accomplishes your goals.

A successful website needs strategic support to meet your goals. Here are three key activities we recommend pursuing after your website launches.

Assign responsibility for your website.

Your marketing team works closely with your sales team. As marketers you support their efforts and partner to drive new initiatives. Together you are working towards a common goal: finding and closing the right customer. You invested in your website to help both marketing and sales accomplish this goal. Make sure the website is working for you by assigning responsibility for it to someone on your marketing team or your website development partner.

One of the strengths of a website is its ability to adjust as your organization adjusts. Going to a trade show? Create a landing page to target the leads you’ll gather there. Launching a new product line? Add a page to support it. Does your sales team need some sort of online “tour” that they can talk through when describing a service? Add a hidden page that they can pull up during a sales call. These are just a few examples of how your website can shift and grow with your company. However, it can’t do that well if you don’t have someone focused on the website.  Someone who knows how to use your content management system and knows how to leverage your website tools.

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When assigning this new responsibility, consider adding social media to the description. People use social media to connect and share information on a personal and professional level. If you don’t have a presence on those channels, it’s time to investigate the best fit for your organization and audience. If you do have a presence on those services, it’s time to make sure you are active on them and leveraging them as part of a larger Internet strategic plan. Learn more about our Social Media Services.

Improve lead generation with strategic content marketing.

Lead generation is one of the most common goals we hear when strategically setting up a website project. The reason we establish these goals up front is so that we can build a website that reinforces them at every available opportunity. Lead generation is supported by strong calls to action and giving your prospects easy ways to reach out to you.

Successful lead generation doesn’t stop there, however. As you know, reaching out to find the right prospects is a constant challenge. Your website has the ability to be a platform that attracts your target market. How do you leverage that ability? Strategic content marketing.

Content marketing focuses on adding relevant, useful content to your website on a regular basis. New content attracts your audience while also telling search engines you’re serious about your business and a worthwhile resource to list high on search results. Content marketing is different from “direct marketing” – it’s not a hard sell marketing activity. When done strategically, content marketing creates content on an ongoing basis that is interesting, attracting and engaging. It’s the type of content your target market is looking for and when you create a library of it, you create a resource that attracts those prospects.

Smart content marketing involves campaigns, blog writing, downloadable content and more – all considered within a framework of your goals and your audience’s needs. Learn more:

Monitor success and continually plan for the next step.

As with any investment, you need to know what is working well and what areas could be improved. Monitoring these things helps you improve your website’s return on investment – the efficiency of how well your website meets your goals in relation to your investment.

We have a variety of tools at our disposal that can tell us precisely what is happening on your website and supporting campaigns. Insight into your digital marketing efforts and search engine optimization is an important tool to not just measure success but plan for the future. There is a lot of data available out there, so much data in fact that many business and marketing managers find it overwhelming.

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TBH Creative firmly believes that our best value to our clients lies in our ability to be your strategic digital marketing partner. We are looking at your website as a tool in the big marketing picture from the first meeting where we begin to lay out goals that will guide your project to ongoing meetings after launch to stay on top of results and plan for the future.

Monitoring your site and supporting digital marketing activities allows us to:
  • Adjust as needed so your site evolves with your audience needs
  • Test different approaches and make modifications as needed
  • Review content marketing topics that are timely and current

Continuing to monitor your site after launch is proactive marketing that positively impacts your return on investment.
Learn more about steps to take after your site launches
We love launching websites and we also love helping those websites evolve to become strong marketing tools for your organization. When you’re looking for a strategic website partner, look no further than TBH Creative. Start your next project focused on a strong ROI.