Search engine optimization algorithms are an ever-changing target; however, there’s no denying that they are honing in more tightly on strong, relevant, useful content. A website development project is becoming an online content marketing project with the website as one channel in that content marketing strategy. The website needs to be designed with content in mind – including the content of all of your online marketing channels: social media, blogs, and email marketing to name a few.
How do you tie all of these channels together for a cohesive, target marketing effort? With an editorial calendar.

Do you need an editorial calendar?

If you want to maximize your online presence the answer is an unequivocal yes. An editorial calendar can be as simple or detailed as you need it to be. For some a simple spreadsheet works and is a good place to start.

Others use a literal calendar to tie tasks to specific dates.

The important thing is to create a calendar that works for you. It should give you a bird’s-eye-view of what is going on, but in addition it should:
  • Tie each communication piece to a call to action.
  • Provide a place to generate post ideas and key topics.
  • Assign key tasks to members of your team.
  • Reinforce the themes and objectives of your overall marketing calendar.
  • Adjust easily so that you can respond to timely issues.
  • Visualize your marketing strategy in a way that everyone can understand.
A content marketing editorial calendar gives you and your team a framework for being deliberate and intentional about how you are reaching and building trust with your audience. In part, it is a strategic marketing tool. In another way, it is a place to keep your team organized and on top of things. Both of these things are going to be very important as you move ahead.

Key benefits of an editorial calendar

More and more often we see companies that are very active on social media, fairly consistent with blog publishing and regularly generating email marketing pieces. However, all too often those efforts seem to be operating independently of each other. The topics that are posted on social media aren’t explored in more depth on the blog. The email newsletter addresses topics that are never talked about on social media. The blog doesn’t link to social media or push people to register for the newsletter. In short, while the organization is going all the right things – they aren’t doing them as well as they could. An editorial calendar would make a huge impact in marketing efforts.

#1: An editorial calendar ties everything together and presents a consistent message across the board. 

Following an editorial calendar makes sure that your message subjects work together to build a stronger communication strategy. This layering of messages touches people more than once in just slightly different ways bringing more brand recognition and more effective communications. Keeping all of your online and social media honed in on the same topic and call to action makes for more effective content marketing.

#2: An editorial calendar helps you leverage all of your marketing efforts. 

Do you have a new sales campaign starting in March? An editorial calendar makes sure your online channels are paving the way starting in February and supporting the campaign with a consistent message once it launches. An editorial calendar helps you look at the big marketing picture and tie your online communications efforts to events and campaigns that are already happening.

#3: An editorial calendar forces you to plan with a goal in mind. 

Whether you develop a quarterly editorial calendar or an annual one, the planning process forces you to consider what, when and how you are communicating. It helps you develop strong and consistent calls to action. It ensures that you are talking about key marketing efforts at the right time and place. It keeps your efforts focused on your audience’s needs. It ensures you are posting content regularly. It helps you pull together all the research, photos and other materials you need in advance. In short, it makes you use your online communication tools more effectively.

Is it time to review your content marketing strategy?

We believe that designing your website is just the first step in your online marketing plan. A carefully considered content marketing strategy helps you truly leverage that website investment. Email marketing. Analytic reporting. Social media planning. Blog writing. TBH Creative can help you plan and implement all of this and more.

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