Your web site is a 24/7 representation of your company. If used correctly, it can be your greatest marketing tool. Finding the right web site company is important, and we recommend you build a partnership.

In addition to creating a fantastic web site design and highly functional web site, your web company should help you:

  1. Conduct research.
  2. Identify web site goals.
  3. Define the online audience.
  4. Develop a list of optimal keywords.
  5. Talk to you about options available.
  6. Discuss future plans for growth and enhancements.

None of this can be done properly based on little research, in a hurry or without all the options on the table. Don’t hire a company that does not ask questions, understand your brand or goals, or doesn’t bother to give you any detail about what they plan to do for your project and success.

Your web site firm, should NOT:

  1. Build your site and never talk to you again.
  2. Tell you that proper code is not important.
  3. Be slow to return your emails or phone calls.
  4. Be unwilling to discuss third party vendors that might suit your needs.
  5. Ignore your ideas.
  6. Make you feel intimidated or uncomfortable.

TBH Creative works hard to develop genuine partnerships with each of its clients. We continually offer recommendations for improvements that will help you achieve your online goals. Even after the initial project is complete, we will touch base often and make suggestions for future phases of improvement. It is our job to stay on top of the newest trends and cool features to keep you SUCCESSFUL.

TBH Creative is an Indianapolis web site firm committed to technology, best design, and all facets of web solutions. We work hard for our clients because we want to. Contact us today and we will start working on ideas for your new web site.