Are you someone who knows great marketing, leads teams well, and loves a challenge? If so, you may have what it takes to become a healthcare marketing specialist.

Healthcare marketing specialists lead targeted, omnichannel projects to help patients find the care they need. Read on to learn more about what it takes to succeed as a healthcare marketer in today’s exciting industry.

Typical daily responsibilities of healthcare marketing managers

Healthcare marketing specialists are responsible for leading teams through the execution of comprehensive healthcare marketing projects. The work is fast-paced, analytical, and creative.

As a marketing manager in healthcare, you can expect to complete the following responsibilities each day:

  • Train healthcare clients
  • Analyze marketing reports
  • Coordinate social media campaigns
  • Test marketing campaigns and websites
  • Proofread copy and look out for design incongruencies
  • Collaborate across teams on website and marketing campaign production
  • Work on a range of digital marketing, including email, landing pages, content creation, and social media

High-performing healthcare marketing specialists accomplish those tasks while sticking to a budget and delivering projects on time.

Required skills and knowledge in healthcare marketing management

Successful healthcare marketing managers are energetic and self-motivated professionals. They bring the following skills and experience to their teams:

  • Familiarity using CMS tools and automation software
  • 3+ years of experience in digital marketing or related fields
  • Proficiency tracking and using marketing data to implement enablement
  • A marketing portfolio containing social media, content, photo editing, and web

As a healthcare marketing specialist, you need to enjoy learning truly. That’s because the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. Digital marketing solutions must also adapt to keep pace with social and technological shifts.

Certification for healthcare marketing managers

You can demonstrate your commitment to professional development by taking courses and receiving digital marketing certifications. Get certified by the following professional development organizations to sharpen and demonstrate your skills as a healthcare marketing specialist:

  • Hubspot Academy: Courses like Inbound, HubSpot Marketing Software, and Social Media Marketing will keep you ahead of digital marketing trends.
  • Google Data Analytics: Learn from Google to analyze and use data, so your healthcare clients adapt to the market and grow.
  • Google Ads: Get certified in Google Ads Display, Search, Measurement, Video, Shopping, and Apps to show employers that you can do it all.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Become proficient in software by Salesforce, Microsoft, Meta, Adobe, and more with LinkedIn’s continuing education courses.

Certifications, resumes, and portfolios demonstrate potential, but they don’t guarantee success. Healthcare marketing specialists need to be intrinsically motivated, quality-obsessed, and patient-centric to take their teams and clients to new and continuous growth. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Related jobs

The marketing world is constantly evolving, and teams adapt by creating unique positions to fill their agencies’ gaps. If becoming a healthcare marketing specialist interests you, take a look at these similar roles:

  • Chief marketing officer (CMO): This is the senior-most position for a marketing team. This person is responsible for building the company’s brand and leading the entire marketing team.
  • Creative director: The creative director sees the forest and the trees. This person excels at inspiring big ideas and helping their team distill those concepts into compelling visuals and copy.
  • Product marketing manager: This role is a more precise version of a marketing manager. Instead of managing a brand’s entire marketing strategy, the product marketing manager focuses on one product or service line.
  • Digital marketing manager: This person knows what makes excellent marketing and how to deliver it. An omnichannel pro, digital marketing managers are proficient in email, social media, content, SEO, web development, automation, app creation, and more.

If you are targeting healthcare brands, you can’t just develop your marketing skills. It’s also important to immerse yourself in the healthcare industry by following medical journals, trade associations, and healthcare leaders.

FAQs about healthcare marketing specialists

The healthcare marketing specialist role is multifaceted and challenging—but it’s also fun! Keep reading to learn more about the invigorating work healthcare marketing managers get to do every day.

What is a healthcare marketer?

A healthcare marketer is a communications specialist who works with brands in the healthcare industry.

For example, a healthcare marketing specialist may promote services, recruitment efforts, medical products, and outreach programs for hospitals, private practices, rehabilitation centers, or pharmaceutical companies.

How do you become a healthcare marketer?

The pathway to healthcare marketing can include higher education in areas of study like marketing, English, journalism, or communications.

Healthcare marketing specialists pitch brands in the healthcare industry by offering communications services, including web copy, content creation, social media management, paid ads, and email.

What is the job outlook for healthcare marketers?

92% of consumers expect personalization, and 88% of patients want to use telehealth for non-urgent care. These numbers prove that patients prioritize the convenience digital offers more than ever.

Healthcare brands need help improving their digital marketing efforts, and communications experts like you can engage this moment by becoming healthcare marketing specialists.

What skills do successful healthcare marketers have?

Healthcare marketers are enthusiastic, self-directed, and detail-oriented. They love learning and collaborating, and they aren’t afraid to think outside of the box.

Successful healthcare marketers are proficient in digital marketing tools and tactics, including marketing analytics software, photo and video editing, content creation, social media management, email, search, ads, and web.

Take the first step today

Healthcare marketing is a rewarding career, and you can prepare for it right now (no matter where you are in your professional journey).

Take a virtual class at your own pace with HubSpot, Google Analytics, or LinkedIn Learning to get certifications. Check out upcoming healthcare marketing webinars to learn more about the industry and connect with other healthcare marketing specialists. Follow healthcare marketing leaders, groups, and associations on social media to stay in the know.

Thanks to online learning opportunities, nothing is stopping you from taking the plunge. And if you’re already prepared to dive into the work, we have job openings for healthcare marketing specialists you can apply for today.

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