We are continuing with our series about Facebook tabs with some specific examples of how they can be used to further promote your Facebook business profile page. We recently reviewed Email Newsletter Signup Forms and Location Maps. This week we will discuss integration of social media feeds into your profile.

Why is this relevant and important? It is smart marketing to re-promote your social media efforts because the integration will give your followers everything in one place. For example, if a visitor has found you on Facebook, why not show them what else you are doing on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media profiles without requiring them to leave for another website. If your other profiles are filled with good information, it will keep them on your Facebook page longer—ultimately learning about your company or organization.

We will explore a few social media profiles that are commonly integrated into Facebook pages with examples: Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Other profiles that you participate in or may become popular in the future are also good ideas for integration. Typically, the integration is very simple and instructions can be found online from a search.

Twitter Facebook integration

On TBH Creative’s Facebook page, we intertwine our Twitter posts to a feed page.
Our tweets are not targeted for our Facebook Timeline, but this page is a nice
representation of our profile for anyone interested.

Our Twitter feed was set up using Woobox Twitter Page App.
The Children’s Place uses the same approach as shown above and
used by many others. They also have Pinterest tab/feed.

Pinterest Facebook integration

WP Engine promotes its Pinterest profile using Pinvolve App
which pulls
Pinterest data very similar to being right on Pinterest.
Inteprid Travel uses Woobox Pinterest App as shown above in a popular presentation.

YouTube Facebook integration

Marsh Supermarkets offers videos in a nice scrollbar presentation.

Garmin presents its videos within Facebook on a separate tab using YouTube for Pages by Involver.
It’s easy to install, the layout is nice, and it allows for easy sharing. The application is easy to install from
https://www.facebook.com/YouTubeApp and then click the Add to My Page link on the left sidebar.

Don’t forget to customize your tabs menu with a corresponding graphic

Ann Taylor promotes its additional social media through two custom tabs for Twitter and Pinterest.


If you do not want a separate tab/page for each of your additional social media profiles, we encourage you to promote the other profiles in some fashion. A feed or custom page will allow all of the information in one place, but there are other options for presenting and promoting your profiles. As one example, see L.L. Bean’s Facebook page below called “Join the Conversation.” It does not pull in data from each profile, but the page presents L.L. Bean’s additional profiles very nicely with short descriptions and links.

L.L. Bean offers one page promoting all social media profiles with short descriptions
and one-click links to each profile.
In addition to our example of Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube channels, we encourage promotion of all populated social profiles that might align with your business. For example Instagram, Google+, Vimeo, Tumblr, Delicious, or LinkedIn to name a few.

Ann Taylor uses their Instagram profile to promote their product line.
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