We have been reviewing Facebook marketing and custom tabs since before the holiday. The time has passed for Facebook to be simply a “good idea” for web marketing plans. Our blog’s recent focus on Facebook marketing a lot because Facebook should now be an essential part of your strategy.

In our last post of this series, I reviewed how to effectively use Facebook events and I shared seven tips. In this post, I’ll review including a map tab on your page. If you have a physical location for your business or organization, we recommend that you include a map or locations page in your Facebook profile.
Here are a few facts about the map page:
  • You must enter an address to utilize the built-in Facebook map.
  • If you do not activate the map or verify your address, no map will appear and your address will appear as a link. (Note: This option isn’t optimal because the link will leave Facebook and send users away from your page to a map hosted by Bing.)
Christian Church Foundation has an about page with location that doesn’t include a map.
Instead, the page’s address link sends users to a Bing Map.