Ebooks 101: Three must-know tips when getting into epublishing

2012 was a summer for firsts. Ebooks outsold hardcovers for the first time, and TBH Creative took on its first official ebook project in August when we helped a California-based client publish a special collection of fifty ebooks.

As tablets and e-reader devices continue to grow in popularity, most ebook formats offer a convenient and portable content distribution option.

From our exciting first dip into publishing for ereaders and tablets, we’ve come up with a list of some of the things you should keep in mind when putting together a winning ebook.
  1. Cover art is important. Ebooks are often represented by small thumbnails in search results, which means it’s crucial that time is taken to design an arresting, professional-looking cover image for your ebook. Before you start to design, make sure you know the size for your format and set your color to RGB instead of CMYK. For instance, when designing for a Kindle format (.mobi) your cover file size will be different in proportion than when designing for an iPad format (.epub).

  2. Formatting varies on ereader devices. Not only will a book look different as an .epub viewed on an iPad versus a .mobi on a Kindle, but ebooks can look different even on the same devices because users can overrides set styles (fonts, margins, etc.) and use their preferences by default. Keep in mind that just as you would set styles for a print layout, in your ebook format you don’t want to select colors and fonts that will make your ebook hard to read. Make sure your aesthetic choices are appropriate and appeal to your target audience.

  3. Embrace change! The ebook industry is evolving rapidly. Understand that to stay relevant with an ebook product, you’ll need to welcome advancements and changes in the production and formatting of ebooks in order to stay ahead and compete.

Joy Olivia Miller

About the author | Joy Olivia Miller

Joy is the creative director at TBH Creative and uses her expertise to help clients use their online communications to build, design, and manage their brands. She likes to blog about content marketing in all its forms, the latest trends in digital marketing, and share tools with readers.

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