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Joy is the creative director at TBH Creative and uses her expertise to help clients use their online communications to build, design, and manage their brands. She likes to blog about content marketing in all its forms, the latest trends in digital marketing, and share tools with readers.

7 link building for SEO mistakes (and what to do instead)

link building mistakes for SEO illustration

What zoo animal does SEO love the most? An inbound lynx. That punny joke might be a groaner, but inbound links are no laughing matter, especially when it comes to search engine optimization success. And—now that the volume of web content is growing astronomically on a daily basis as content creators leverage AI tools to expand resources online faster than ever—backlink acquisition is top of mind for many website managers. So, how can you avoid link building mistakes for SEO when working to acquire high-quality backlinks?

It might feel quite impossible if you’ve just dipped your toes into link building for your website, even if you’ve got a strong grasp of SEO basics. But investing time and energy into getting links from reputable sites is worth it for this main reason:

Content with a significant number of links from authoritative sites tends to get rewarded with higher placement in search engine result pages (SERPs)

Take Google’s famous PageRank Algorithm. For over twenty years, it has used links back to a webpage as a quality signal for rankin

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Website images and branding: 9 ways to create a visually unforgettable user experience—with stock

Illustration of a laptop showing tools to customize artwork to align website images and branding

When redesigning a website, you need to accept that everything can’t look exactly how you want. And, that’s absolutely okay! Knowing when to splurge on custom art that matches your website images and branding needs is the key to staying on budget and meeting your deadlines.

I’ve been responsible for helping find, create, and manage art for almost 100 different websites. Commissioning or creating original imagery for every element of every page of those redesign projects was not only impossible but also unwise.

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Choosing the right participants: A guide to effective marketing persona interviews

Group of people for marketing persona interviews

So, you’ve got this amazing idea, right? It seemed flawless when you came up with it. But when you put it out there, how can you know for certain it will help you reach your business goals? When campaigns and projects fall short, it’s often because their creators overlooked a crucial factor: the needs of the target audience. Creativity alone won’t cut it when it comes to ensuring your efforts connect, resonate, and convert. That’s why marketing persona interviews play such a pivotal role in the creation of any strategic plan.

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Steal these battle-tested ChatGPT tricks to create chatbot conversation flows your website users will love

example of a website user viewing the greeting from a company’s chatbot conversation flow

Your website is the first impression that many of your customers will have of your business. And while there are plenty of ways to optimize your site for maximum engagement, one of the most effective is to add a chatbot. But if you’re not a natural wordsmith, the thought of writing smooth responses can be daunting (and time-consuming). So, how can you create chatbot conversation flows with responses that are engaging, informative, and effective?

When you know a lot about your customers but are short on time, the simplest solution might be to use one of the best AI tools for marketing writing—like ChatGPT—to whip up fitting responses. If you’ve never used a virtual writing assistant before, figuring out how to use this type of resource might feel intimidating. But guess what? Automated, smart writing tools are here to help, not hinder.

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How email list cleaning reduces bounce rates and improves overall marketing ROI

email list cleaning graphic

Sometimes I procrastinate on completing important tasks. But, when it comes to email list cleaning, waiting until the last minute or doing it only after a major problem arises is the last thing you want to do.

Think of it like only flossing your teeth the day before you head to your biannual dentist visit. Sure, running some waxed floss between your teeth the night before is better than doing nothing. But, obviously, flossing only a handful of times before you see your dentist isn’t enough to maintain good oral health (and keep your hygienist from commenting about plaque buildup while they clean your choppers).

The same is true with email list cleaning. It’s not a task you should ignore if you want your email marketing campaigns always to perform as well as possible.

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