The Hagerman Group is a family-owned construction engineering company with projects ranging from Conner Prairie’s interactive four-story treehouse to healthcare firm Zevacor Molecular’s headquarters in Noblesville.

Hagerman hired TBH Creative because it needed a redesigned website featuring:

  • A customized CMS to simplify editing and adding new content
  • Updated copywriting built around personas for more consistent messaging
  • Bold design updates to better match the company brand
  • Site architecture refinements to provide a more cohesive and user-friendly experience

The solution—

TBH Creative’s website redesign work included:

  • Website architecture strategy
  • Web audience/persona research
  • Modern, responsive website design
  • Web development
  • Web content writing and editing
  • WordPress theming and customization
  • Content management system training

Launch date: Spring 2018


TBH Creative chatted via email about the project with Missy Hoover, Hagerman’s chief marketing officer, and project lead Tatum Hindman. Their responses—below—have been condensed and edited.

Why was Hagerman looking for website redesign help?

Missy Hoover: Hagerman’s website was in dire need of a revamp. Four years previous, we hired a consultant to redesign it, but the work did not deliver the results desired. The site never fully functioned properly and making changes to it required our knowledge of HTML. We realized we needed an established, professional firm to help us with our redevelopment, and that’s when we were introduced to Tatum Hindman.

Tatum Hindman: Although Hagerman is one of the most respected construction companies in the Midwest, their former website didn’t do a good job reflecting what has made them so successful. We were excited to help them with upgrades to make their digital presence better match their great reputation.

What did TBH Creative do to help Hagerman meet its website marketing goals?

Missy Hoover: TBH Creative began by surveying our clients and employees. They asked pertinent questions and created personas of our website visitors. TBH Creative didn’t just create what they thought we needed. They made sure we answered our users’ questions and targeted the areas most utilized. They customized the website to our needs. It’s easy to navigate and simple to edit.

“They customized the website to our needs. It’s easy to navigate and simple to edit.”

What did the Hagerman team think of the finished website?

Missy Hoover: I couldn’t be happier with Hagerman’s website. The Hagerman team agrees. TBH Creative took the time to explain what they were going to do, they did it (documenting every step of the way), and they delivered a finished product that far exceeded our goals. I highly recommend TBH Creative for your marketing strategies and digital needs.

What helped make this construction company website redesign project successful?

Tatum Hindman: Hagerman leadership knew what they wanted. They had specific goals for their new website, and these gave us a clear map of what we needed to do to succeed. Having a set of clear expectations for the project made it easier to get the details right from the beginning.

It also helped that their marketing team assigned a point person to help manage the project from their end (such as collecting feedback notes and confirming approvals) to make our partnership more efficient each step of the way.