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Types of website traffic and how to increase them​: Direct traffic

How are people getting to your website? The answer to this question could help you improve your marketing strategy and increase your visibility on the web. Analyzing where your current website visitors are coming from will help you gain insight into where to focus your efforts for increasing website traffic. By using a service like […]

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Quick tips for converting website visitors into customers

Every visitor to your website is a potential customer. However, if your website isn’t optimized to convert those potential customers, you might be losing out on valuable business. If you have a high amount of website traffic but aren’t getting many leads, you may need to rethink your conversion strategy. A website can start converting […]

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Using web analytics to improve your website

So you have analytics set-up for your site – but now what? Consistently evaluating your analytics data will help you to better understand your website’s audience and adjust your marketing strategies and objectives as necessary. Analytics reports provide valuable insight into a website’s strengths and weaknesses, and can help you to pinpoint the areas on […]

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