Every visitor to your website is a potential customer. However, if your website isn’t optimized to convert those potential customers, you might be losing out on valuable business. If you have a high amount of website traffic but aren’t getting many leads, you may need to rethink your conversion strategy.

A website can start converting more visitors to customers with just a few strategic changes. The following tips will get you moving in the right direction to increase your conversion rate in no time.

Improve your calls to action

A call to action is one of the most important elements on your website. A good CTA should attract attention and guide visitors to the right place. If one of your primary conversion goals is to get visitors to contact your company, then make sure you include prominent CTAs across your site that link to your contact information.

Collect information

Find places on your website where you can integrate forms to gather more information about your visitors. Collecting a simple email address will give you the opportunity to send coupons, promotions, or other incentives to convert those visitors to customers even after they’ve left your website.

Evaluate your audience

It’s important to assess your website audience and make sure you are attracting the right people. If visitors to your website don’t fall within your target audience, then the chances of converting those visitors to customers are low. If you find that your website is not pulling in the desired demographic, it might be time to reevaluate your SEO strategy.

Optimize site navigation

Your website navigation should be simple and straightforward. It should quickly and easily get visitors to the most important information on your website. If a visitor gets confused or doesn’t know where to go, it a likely they will move on more quickly without getting the information they need to buy what you’re selling.

Koga has a very simple navigation with only four items and a search bar. This makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on the website.

Keep an eye on the competition

Do some research and find out what strategies your biggest competitors are using to convert visitors to customers on their websites. If your website goes above and beyond the competition, it will stand out to potential customers, and could make the difference in who they choose to do business with.

Test different strategies

Increasing conversion on a website is a dynamic, ongoing process. and not every method you try on your website will be successful. It’s important to consistently evaluate your conversion strategy to see what works and what doesn’t with your audience. For example, if you find that very few visitors are clicking on a call to action, try adjusting the design or the text. Small changes can make a big a difference.

Put contact information front and center

Your contact information should be prominently placed on your website, such as the footer, where it can be accessed from every page. If someone needs to contact you, they should be able to do it quickly and in the most convenient way for them. The more accessible you are to potential customers, the more likely they are to follow through with engaging in business with you.

The Avenir Hearing website includes a CTA with contact information as well as additional ways to connect at the bottom of each page.

Make it easy to buy

The easier it is to make a purchase, the more likely a visitor will be to do so. Provide multiple points of entry to purchase information across your website. If you are selling a product or service online, limit the process to as few steps as possible.

Get social

Integrating social media on your website will make it easy for users to share your content and can help generate interest in your business. It can also show off a more personal side of your company, which helps to develop connections with your audience. If a person feels connected to your company, it will be easier to convert them to a customer.

Show value

When potential customers understand the value that your product or service can provide to them, they are more likely to make a purchase. By implementing content such as case studies or testimonials on your website, you can show benefit instead of just telling about it.

Evernote demonstrates its value by providing case studies of how real business have integrated Evernote into their workflow.

Pay special attention to content

Content is one of the most crucial aspects in converting visitors to customers. The content on your website should be informative, accurate, and appropriate for your audience. Headlines should be brief and catchy in order to quickly attract attention and engage visitors. Your content should be clear and concise so visitors won’t be overwhelmed. Good content is more likely to entice visitors to learn more about what your company offers.

Design to impress

A successful website should be strategically designed to enforce your message and your brand. A clean, professional design can go a long way in attracting visitors and keeping them on your website, whereas a poor design can reflect negatively on your company and can drive away potential customers.

Does website need a better conversion strategy?

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