Analytics Posts

Using web analytics to improve your website

So you have analytics set-up for your site – but now what? Consistently evaluating your analytics data will help you to better understand your website’s audience and adjust your marketing strategies and objectives as necessary. Analytics reports provide valuable insight into a website’s strengths and weaknesses, and can help you to pinpoint the areas on […]

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Google Analytics Addition: Tracking Site Speed

With the newest Google Analytics update (November 2011), Google added site speed into the already advanced set of analytics tools. Site speed is very important to users. Sometimes, if your site takes longer than a few second to load, the user will leave. You don’t want to risk losing potential customers. In Website Magazine‘s article […]

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New information about search engine rank algorithm changes

Google has made changes in their algorithm for how pages (and your web site) appear in the search engine results page (SERP). These changes are going to keep SEO marketers and web designers on their toes and make them rethink some of their tactics. Some of the changes: Fast Page Indexing – The indexing time required is down to […]

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