Healthcare providers and hospitals have had to deal with a lot of change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most notable transformations was the spiked growth in patients’ demand for online tools to manage their care. In fact, according to findings by Cedar and Forrester’s 2020 Healthcare Consumer Experience Study, 49% of people reported that they wished their digital patient experience was smoother and more intuitive, like when using the websites of Netflix, Uber, and Amazon.

Knowing that an easy-to-use website is essential for long-term viability, Dermatology, Inc. hired TBH Creative to design and develop a healthcare website that helps attract more new patients and improve existing patient satisfaction.

Dermatology, Inc.’s upgraded healthcare website features a clean look that elevates its brand with vibrant colors and spot photography, provides quick pathways to essential information, and creates a technical framework for future SEO growth.

The solution—

TBH Creative’s healthcare website redesign work for Dermatology, Inc. included:

  • Website planning, personas, and site architecture
  • Web design and responsive web development
  • Content reorganization for more interconnection of info about treatments, locations, and providers
  • Website production, redirect planning, training, and quality assurance testing

Launch date: October 2021

Dermatology, Inc. improved its digital patient experience with its redesigned healthcare website


TBH Creative chatted by phone about Dermatology, Inc.’s healthcare website redesign project with Khristi Autajay, practice administrator. Her responses—below—have been condensed.

There are a lot of healthcare web design and development companies to choose from. Why did you choose TBH Creative as your partner?

Khristi: Our old site wasn’t mobile friendly and made it hard to find information. When it was clear we needed a redesign, we selected TBH Creative because Dr. Stephens had worked with TBH Creative in the past (on the Indiana Dermatology Association website). During that experience, he was impressed by the results and how smoothly the redesign process went. His endorsement made it a no-brainer that we could do the same thing for Dermatology, Inc. if we partnered with TBH Creative. We didn’t even look at other vendors. Everyone was confident in TBH Creative based on Dr. Stephens’ recent experience and positive results.

We also appreciated that the TBH Creative team has completed a lot of complex healthcare website design projects that improve the digital patient experience.

How did TBH Creative do to keep the project on track?

Khristi: The reminders along the way and the upfront timeline with deadlines were beneficial. The project was a lot at the beginning, and TBH Creative made it feel manageable. As the project owner for our practice, I used the timeline and regular management reports to manage what was needed from the rest of my team to keep things on track. They also helped explain things to me so that I could report back to the rest of the team confidently.

When we first started, I had minimal knowledge about the different considerations when building a new website. TBH Creative’s answered all questions and provided education along the way—plus training—so it was not stressful. If someone is a novice, the training we received put us in a good spot and helped us feel confident.

“The results of our new website’s digital patient experience are incredible. In fact, since launching, we’ve seen a 100%+ increase in online appointment scheduling.”

What do you think of the new site? What does your team think?

Khristi: Everyone has commented about how good the new website looks and that it represents us much better. The results of our new website’s digital patient experience are incredible, too. In fact, since launching, we’ve seen a 100%+ increase in online appointment scheduling.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to other companies looking for a professional healthcare web design agency?

Khristi: Yes. Everyone at TBH Creative has been so helpful. The team is very, very responsive and walked us through each step of the process.