Whatever the initial business case for maintaining several sites, the practice doesn’t always keep working if your company undergoes change or growth. That was the case with Primex, whose recent B2B web design project was the right move for their new needs.

There are many different reasons why a company might decide to manage multiple, semi-independent websites. Sometimes, it’s because they offer different products and services to entirely different audiences. In other instances, this model is how their team has decided to handle language content variations or geo-targeting for different regions.

For Primex, merging their sites was part of their B2B web design strategy to help customers during their user journeys, coalesce brand messaging, reduce time spent managing disparate content, and simplify efforts to build SEO “juice.”

Needing an experienced partner to help navigate the complex steps involved in merging websites, Primex hired the web design and development experts at TBH Creative.

This significant overhaul of Primex’s primary online presence supports other ongoing efforts in brand development and ”digital marketing.

The solution—

TBH Creative’s B2B web design work for Primex included:

Launch date: February 2022

Primex improved its digital customer experience with its B2B web design project

TBH Creative chatted about Primex’s B2B web design project with business unit director Doug Borgsdorf and digital marketing coordinator Kayla Clevenger. Their responses—below—have been condensed for length.

Why did Primex redesign its website?

Borgsdorf: Primex worked with TBH Creative to merge its former three websites to create a unified user experience with a more visually appealing B2B web design. Every page on the new site has been optimized to help our customers, vendors, and employees get what they need—when they need it—without any hassle.

Clevenger: This project also allowed us to reorganize our online content. We simplified the site architecture, added more interlinking, reworked tech sheets and updated sell sheets, and expanded information about our products and services for different industries.

What drove Primex to partner with TBH Creative on this B2B web design project?

Borgsdorf: After hearing proposals from other companies, we really appreciated the approach from TBH Creative. Instead of starting with design, they started with helping us develop and organize our content. This led to a much more helpful and intuitive design.

What new features are you most excited about? What will users most appreciate?

Borgsdorf: Our new website features a resource library full of informational pieces about our products, materials, and services. Without even having to send an email or make a phone call, our customers can learn what products might be best for their next project.

Clevenger: With the addition of the leadership page and careers content, our new B2B web design project helped us create a way to incorporate more Primex voices so that new users can get to know our team. Adding a company-wide blog also provides an excellent opportunity to share what we are working on with our customers and educate them on our products.

“We are excited to have an effective new company-wide website that improves communication with customers, vendors, and employees.”—Doug Borgsdorf

Website projects can be complicated with options and various team opinions. How did TBH Creative keep the project on track?

Clevenger: Katie is singlehandedly the best project manager I have ever worked with. All aspects of our B2B web design project were detailed on the project timeline for our entire team to view, and the weekly reports kept everyone aware of the project progress and what was needed to continue.

What does the staff think about the results from this B2B web design project?

Clevenger: We are so proud of the collaborative effort. It took our whole team being on the same page to create a cohesive website that does a great job representing all of Primex. This new site is sleek and modern. Everyone loves that it really shows off who we are.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to other companies looking for a professional branding and B2B web design team?

Clevenger: I would absolutely recommend TBH Creative to any company looking for a professional branding and website design and development team. Unifying our three sites was a significant undertaking that involved bringing three very different segments of our company together and creating a cohesive design and messaging. TBH Creative handled it flawlessly.