A website redesign project involves more than just giving your site a new look. It requires figuring out what your target audience needs then making a plan to figure out what content just needs refreshing and where you should start over.

Tired of their out-of-date website that was challenging to update and didn’t match their current brand, Meridian Title came to TBH Creative for help with their website redesign project.

Meridian Title’s primary goals for their website redesign included:

  • Rewriting and expanding their content around the needs of their different target audiences
  • Updating their navigation to make popular tools and resources accessible within one click
  • Creating new modern designs and coding flexible templates to better match their brand and streamline future maintenance and growth

The solution—

TBH Creative’s modern website redesign work for Meridian Title included:

  • Website planning, personas, and site architecture
  • CMS setup and functionality customization
  • Web design, including 3D homepage movie animation
  • Responsive web development
  • Custom integration with third-party system
  • Website production, redirect planning, training, and quality assurance testing
  • Website hosting migration

Launch date: April 2020


TBH Creative chatted via email about Meridian Title’s website redesign project with Brent Fielder, executive director of sales & marketing, and Amy Kintz, former director of marketing. Their responses—below—have been condensed.

Why did Meridian Title decide to rethink its website strategy and embark on a website redesign project?

Amy: Our website was several years old, non-responsive design, content-heavy, and it had an older feel to it. We wanted something that was responsive, easy-to-navigate (with an enhanced the user experience) and fresh content that would serve as a resource to not only our clients, but our internal staff as well.

We wanted a site that reflected our commitment to providing our customers with technology tools that aided in their business growth and success. We also wanted a site that would integrate easily into other marketing initiatives in the future, like email marketing, lead generation, etc. We didn’t want to have to consider another complete redesign in another two to three years.

What were you looking for when evaluating web design firms to help you with your project?

Amy: We wanted a web design agency that would be able to translate our wants and needs into a new site, but we also wanted to work with a team who would take the lead, provide recommendations based on best practices, and share innovative ideas. Collaboration is important, and we were looking for a partner who could keep us on track through the process.

With so many web design firms in the Indianapolis area, why did you pick TBH Creative to be your partner?

Amy: From the get-go, TBH Creative really listened and worked to understand what we wanted and needed. They were clear, organized, and had a solid game plan for what the process and project would look like. They had done some early research, looked at our current site, and came prepared with ideas and suggestions at our first meeting. I felt that we really “connected” early on and that they were invested in our project as much as we were.

How did TBH Creative do? Anything you are particularly proud of and glad we did?

Brent: TBH Creative did an excellent job, and we are very excited about the new website. They brought a lot of new ideas to the table that we hadn’t thought of.

Amy: TBH did a great job! They were thorough, responsive, and timely. They really heard us and tried to give us wanted we wanted and needed, but they were also willing to speak up when necessary to offer better solutions or ideas or to ensure bases were covered that we may have missed.
They were fun to work with, too! I enjoyed collaborating with them and learning from them. The new website is fantastic! It really reflects the image and brand of Meridian Title.

How did TBH Creative add value and help your team tackle the work related to your website redesign project to keep it on track?

Brent: Tatum and her team’s communication and their organization made a difference and helped us stay accountable.

There were some issues after-launch on the application piece when people started to really test. How did TBH Creative do to manage those items and get them resolved?

Brent: TBH Creative always responded quickly. The testing deficiencies were on our end, and they were responsive and resolved the issues quickly.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to other companies looking for strategic website help?

Brent: I absolutely would. They were responsive and their communication was great. We’re very pleased overall.

Amy: I absolutely would recommend TBH Creative to other companies. They really care about providing a positive customer experience and work to ensure that happens. They don’t just tackle a project and move on. They make themselves available for any follow-up questions and even offer guidance after the project is complete. TBH Creative is an incredibly professional, talented team of people.