Do you know what your customers really want? Are you using real-time marketing data to track and measure results, glean insights, and make data-driven decisions? Have you leveraged the power reporting to evaluate performance and find sales opportunities?
More than just a tool for collecting numbers, a marketing reporting dashboard is a one comprehensive, interactive tool that provides an at-a-glance look at meaningful customer data metrics.

Classic Cleaners is an Indianapolis-based provider of high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services with over 20 locations.

Earlier this year, Classic Cleaners hired TBH Creative because they were looking to work with one agency with the expertise and experience to transform their marketing efforts by automating reporting and helping them tackle a broad range of projects.

Since our collaboration began, TBH Creative has worked side-by-side with Classic Cleaners to:

  • Complete an audit to figure out which marketing efforts are working
  • Set up a marketing reporting dashboard to monitor statistics and analytics (Hubspot)
  • Freshen up their brand identity with visual styles (enhanced color palette and typography specifications), as well as voice guidelines for messaging consistency
  • Create a library of custom stock photography
  • Improve website homepage with technical and strategic design adjustments
  • Design store signage, van wraps, and other marketing collateral


TBH Creative chatted via email about the web redesign project with Classic Cleaners’ general manager Steve Arnold. His responses—below—have been condensed.

Why did Classic Cleaners decide to change up its marketing strategy and engage a single agency to work on its projects?

Steve: We believed it was time to work with a team that could be objective and assist us in modernizing our website and unifying our marketing’s appearance among the various channels. We also wanted to start tracking our customers more thoroughly so we could identify who our target customers are, what types of messaging resonate with them, and how we could use marketing to earn more business from these customers.

There are a lot of marketing companies in Indianapolis to choose from. Why did you choose TBH Creative as your partner?

Steve: A referral from an individual we have worked closely with in the past was the starting point of our conversations with TBH Creative. We threw a lot of information at Tatum during our initial phone interview, and she listened to us describe our pain points and offered some high-level recommendations and solutions.

During follow up consultations, Tatum really helped identify our goals and focus. It was clear that Tatum and her team had the knowledge and experience to help us reach our goals.

How has it been working with TBH Creative so far?

Steve: TBH Creative has done an excellent job structuring our marketing plan with clear objectives and aggressive timelines. They are responsive and organized offering multiple check-in meetings in person and by phone.

“What TBH Creative has helped us accomplish so far is a huge improvement.”

Many of our marketing objectives are still a work in progress, but what TBH Creative has helped us accomplish so far by streamlining our brand identity is a huge improvement. The marketing pieces that TBH Creative has designed for us have a modern, clean look—as does the redesigned website homepage, for which they also moved our hosting to improve its speed.

Integrating our CRM database with Hubspot—our new email marketing platform—was a huge undertaking, and this new tool has proven to be a great service for sending (and measuring) email marketing messages sent to our customers. Plus, all our marketing emails finally look like our advertising and social media messages. We finally have consistency across channels.

What has helped make our work together successful?

Steve: TBH Creative is very organized and they always listen to what we want, while still trying to push us (in a good way!) to get outside our comfort zone to add elements that we might not have considered on our own. Their consistent weekly communication is very helpful and appreciated.

TBH Creative meets all of their deadlines as promised (any hold-ups we’ve had so far have been on our end), and everyone is so helpful and encouraging.

It’s only natural for new ideas and unplanned priorities to come up throughout the year. How has TBH Creative helped when your needs changed?

Steve: TBH Creative’s team is all about communication. They always make a point to understand what our priorities are, even if they have to shift from week to week. When we make changes, they are always quick to provide a timeline for their work to help us with our planning.

For example, this year we entered into a partnership with the Indianapolis Colts that resulted in extra marketing that wasn’t expected, but TBH Creative seamlessly pivoted with short notice to help us meet our deadlines. Even our Colts marketing contact noticed their professionalism, remarking to us that Tatum and her team are always on the ball and organized.

Would you recommend TBH Creative to others looking for strategic marketing help?

Steve: We would recommend TBH Creative to other companies looking for strategic marketing help. With so many moving parts day-to-day, having them as our partner has been great.

Classic Cleaners store signage
TBH Creative created door and window signage, as well as electronic display signage.
Classic Cleaners store van wraps
TBH Creative designed new wraps for delivery vans.
Examples of new Classic Cleaners stock photography
TBH Creative shot custom stock photography to enhance Classic Cleaners’ website and other marketing collateral.
Classic Cleaners' signage at Lucas Oil Stadium
TBH Creative created print advertisements to support Classic Cleaners’ partnership with the Colts.

TBH Creative helps us create timelines, set measurable goals, and think through our strategy to ensure we are all accountable and staying on track to succeed and do the work that will help us reach our marketing goals.