Imagine what could you do if you had 230 years of experience working in web marketing? That’s a long time (and likely a low-end estimate of how long TBH Creative’s experts have collectively been producing complex websites, creating award-winning email drip campaigns, launching engaging social media promotions, managing results-driven paid ads, writing copy that converts, and more)! Steal our experts’ latest by checking out this list of our best digital marketing articles from 2022.

Whether you’re running behind on making your business development plans for 2023 or putting the final polish on your strategy, each of these articles includes helpful techniques and game-changing insights on how you can use different marketing tactics effectively to ensure your company has a successful year.

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Here are the best digital marketing articles recently published on TBH Creative’s blog


Best nonprofit web design: See 12 inspiring sites you’ll wish were yours

smartphone showing an example of nonprofit web design created for fundraising

You know your organization is making a difference, but what does everyone else think? What do people see when they use Google to learn more about your work? When new users arrive at your site, does its nonprofit web design accurately paint an accurate picture of your mission, goals, and beliefs?

You can’t always be there in person to speak up for your nonprofit, and optimizing engagement on your social media channels and keeping your online directory profiles up-to-date will only get you so far.

To manage your organization’s digital reputation and better connect with your target audiences, you need to invest in developing a professionally-designed nonprofit website that can act as a digital surrogate for building awareness and nurturing relationships.


Our top 5 most powerful recommendations to track marketing ROI

illustration of computer being used to track marketing ROI

It’s impossible to accurately track marketing ROI without capturing results and doing analytic reporting.

When you start running a campaign that appeals to your target audience, you might hear anecdotes from your sales team that this or that promotion was successful. But, how do you really know your marketing is working if you aren’t measuring results?

Without tracking tools, successes are difficult to prove definitively. Your so-called success might just be a blip in the seasonal sales cycle or something else not on your radar or outside your control.

With so much data at our fingertips, learning to track marketing ROI (e.g., the success of your campaigns) with accurate data is smart (and can make your work more efficient, too).


Master the 5 simple UX design tricks that make Wordle so popular

user experiences the great UX design of Wordle when playing the game on his phone

When something is made with love, it’s more likely to be a hit.

That’s what happened with Wordle, a no-frills guessing game that’s a masterclass in great UX design.

Software engineer Josh Wardle’s impetus for the simple-yet-addictive word contest was to create a custom gift for his girlfriend Palak Shah, who is a fan of word puzzles.

The two casually introduced it to their family, and the word about Wordle got around quickly.


Content hub strategy: 17 things you must stop doing to start getting better results

a good content hub strategy helps you attract valuable back links

Creating a content hub without a solid strategy is like going on a road trip to somewhere new without a map or GPS.

You might eventually get where you’re going, but it will be a lot harder and take a lot longer than it would if you had planned ahead. The same is true for creating a content hub.

Well-planned marketing content creation will not only make it easier to create and maintain your content hub, but it will also help you attract more visitors and improve your search engine optimization (SEO).


48 astoundingly good hospital websites that deliver for their patients

user checks out a good hospital website on his smartphone

Today’s patients anticipate excellent service at every point during their healthcare journey.

This expectation means having a good hospital website so your practice can provide a satisfying experience online is no longer an optional part of your overall marketing strategy.

And, it’s not just tech-savvy Gen Z patients who you need to keep happy. Other patients want tech conveniences as part of their care, too. Check out this breakdown from Solution Reach’s recent patient-provider relationship study:

  • Baby boomers: 20% are likely to switch doctors in the next three years
  • Generation X: 44% are likely to change providers in the next three years
  • Millennials: 43% are likely to switch physicians in the next few years, and 54% have already made a switch over the last two or three years

Experience provides the seeds for expertise

Ten thousand hours is a lot of time.

It’s supposedly the length of time that best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell claimed—in his 2008 book Outliers—that you need to spend doing something before you can master it. More recently, country music duo Dan + Shay (with help from Justin Bieber) put their spin on this theory of how much time is needed to really learn something with their popular lovesong “10,000 Hours.”

And, if your love is digital marketing like it is for TBH Creative’s pros, that time putting in the work to expand and refine your knowledge—flies.

Most of us have put in 10,000 hours at least three or four times because the variety of marketing tactics needed to be successful with advertising online is ever-changing.

There is always something new to learn.

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