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Every company finds and hires its new employees differently. There’s no one-size-fits-all process that works universally.

The same can’t be said for job seekers, though.

That’s one reason why how you hire might impact your recruitment results as much as who you hire—especially if your website hasn’t been designed and written to help you attract the right job candidates.

Since 2005, online job hunting has doubled. In fact, 54% of American job hunters use the internet to look for job information as part of their employment search.

Today, more people than ever before are starting their job search online. As more job seekers use the web to find opportunities, it’s more critical than ever that your business’s website includes an engaging careers section to enhance the recruitment process.

Don’t lose your next best employee to the competition because your website isn’t doing its job. When designed well, your website can help you attract top talent (and convince them to apply to join your team).

Keep reading to see examples of employee recruitment webpages and learn which strategies you need to follow to create the best web design for career pages when redesigning your company’s website.

The best career websites:

✅ Put job seekers’ needs first

User experience considerations aren’t just for the main part of your website. They should also play an important role in shaping your careers section. Help job seekers find their dream job at your company by engaging with them how they want to engage with you.


Here are some examples that put job seekers’ needs first when it comes to web design for career pages:
Morrison & Foerster
Morrison & Foerster’s careers websiteMorrison & Foerster’s careers website uses bold, scannable stats to reinforce reasons why job seekers might want to join their law firm.
Slalom’s careers websiteThe design of Slalom’s careers website incorporates custom icons paired with pithy copy blocks to highlight employee perks.
The Hagerman Group
The Hagerman Group’s careers websiteSince launching their redesigned easy-to-use, mobile-friendly careers microsite, Hagerman has seen a 1,486% increase in entrances to their careers landing page and a 1,700% increase in page views for their open positions web page.

Learn more about Hagerman’s website redesign project »

Facebook’s careers websiteFacebook’s careers website includes a simple form that makes it easy for job applicants to be considered for an opening.

✅ Explain what happens during your company’s job application process

Between the time when a job seeker applies for a job and your company makes a job offer, a lot goes on. From screening to interviewing (and everything in between), using your website to provide a basic overview of the job application process builds trust by showing how much your business values its employees (and potential employees).


Here are some examples of the best career websites that take the time to share a few details about their job application process:
Salesforce’s careers websiteSalesforce’s careers website includes a step-by-step infographic covering the main steps of their hiring process.
Nugget Market
Nugget Market’s careers websiteNugget Market’s careers website features a comprehensive, FAQ that covers common questions asked by their job hunters, organized by stage of the job application process in a friendly, conversational manner.

✅ Add info about culture and benefits

According to Glassdoor, benefits and company culture are some of the top factors that job seekers are interested in learning about when considering to apply for a job.


Here are some examples of the best career websites that include information about culture and benefits:
Nvidia’s careers websiteNvidia’s careers website uses storytelling to introduce and talk about the cutting-edge work being done by different teams.
Whole Foods
Whole Foods’ careers websiteWhole Foods’ careers website includes a whole page devoted to describing its values and what it’s like to work for their company.
Ohio Health
OhioHealth’s careers websiteOhioHealth’s careers website starts by welcoming job applicants. Rather than including self-focused copy that asks "are you a good fit?," OhioHealth’s subpage about culture and benefits makes it clear to all job applicants that they’re in the right place.

✅ Show, don’t tell ... but, if you do tell, let others say it for you

Forget perfecting your sales pitch that your company is the best. Rather than listing off what it’s like to work for your company, for a more effective careers website use the words of your employees and testimonials from outside organizations (aka, awards) sing your praises instead.


Here are some examples of the best career websites that include information about culture and benefits:
LinkedIn’s careers websiteInstead of telling job applicants that they’re great, LinkedIn’s careers website lets its workplace awards reinforce this talking point.
Washington Post
Washington Post’s careers websiteThe Washington Post’s careers website includes testiomonials from a wide range of staff and information about awards. Not shown: Their page also promotes a social media hashtag—#washpostlife—that gives employees an opportunity to authentically talk directly with job applicants about what it’s like to work for their company.
Showing faces is still important on your website staff page.
Check out some examples of effective team pages

✅ Make it easy for job hunters to stay connected

When qualified job applicants stop by your website to look at job openings but don’t see anything for them when they visit, don’t lose that lead! Give them a way to stay in the know about opportunities to work at your company.


Here are some examples of the best career websites that include ways for job applicants to stay connected:
Wegmans Food Markets
Wegmans Food Markets’ careers websiteInstead of telling job applicants that they are a great company, Wegmans Food Markets’ careers website includes a simple email alert sign-up form to send job openings to interested job hunters.
Williams Sonoma’s careers websiteWilliams-Sonoma’s careers website tells talent to stay in touch to learn more about upcoming job openings by filling out their simple job alert request form.

✅ Include opportunities for everyone

Does your website include career information that addresses the needs of every type of applicant? Set yourself apart by building out content that appeals to every qualified person who wants to work for your business or help your organization.


Here are some examples of the best career websites is comprehensive:
Logansport Memorial Hospital
Logansport Memorial Hospital’s careers websiteInstead of telling job applicants that they are a great company, Logansport Memorial Hospital’s careers microsite includes customized landing pages to promote jobs for nurses and physician careers at their hospital.

Learn more about Logansport Memorial Hospital’s award-winning website redesign project »

Fiserv’s careers websiteInstead of telling job applicants that they are a great company, Fiserv’s careers microsite (formerly First Data) includes customized landing page to recruit military veterans with the skills they are looking for in potential employees.

When your careers website is optimized around what job hunters need, it’s easier to attract top talent. If you’re thinking about upgrading your careers website, TBH Creative can help you take a fresh look at all the ways you can use design and content to make it easier for people to learn more about working at your company online.

Our team has been helping businesses create career websites that job seekers want to visit because they include essential company culture info and demystify the job application process.

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